getting my red nose officially diagnosed

I'm finally getting my nose checked out

so it has been a couple years I think

since I've had a red nose and it's more

cosmetic I think but just in case its

medical or there's something I can do

about it it's something that I wouldn't

mind changing about myself because it is

something I'm more self-conscious about

because I don't wear makeup a lot and

even when I do wear makeup my nose looks

horrible like you can't see it in videos

thank God because it's so the camera is

so far away and the exposure and

everything but when I put makeup on my

nose guys it's not a cute situation like

it's pili it's patchy even if I've

exfoliated my nose the tip my toe swells

up when it's irritated like it kind of

swells when it's really red and I don't

know what's going on so I don't know if

it's a product I'm using if it's I don't

know so what I'm gonna get it looked at

so I made the appointment a few months

ago what day did I even call them I hope

I still have the clip of me calling them

it's not illegal for me to put the audio

of me calling them I'm gonna put it in

now hi I was wondering if I could set up

a consultation appointment basically my

skin specifically my nose it's very like

red and aggravated probably more medical

I'd like them to look at it and see what

it is

to begin with I'm not really sure okay

that would work so today is the big day

my skin is actually looking pretty okay

um - you know some other things going on

with it that are permanent but my nose

is actually kind of in a flare-up right

now I have some breakouts like on the

side and it is just really breakouts and

probably some kind of rosacea or rash or

something going on because I don't

really break out on

rest my face unless it's like a

menstrual breakout which I get every

month and my nose gets extra bad around

that time as well and white Minh is in

30 minutes so I'm gonna head over there

soon they told me to show up early to do

paperwork but I found the paperwork on

their website so I just printed it out

and filled it out at home so I don't

have to really go in that early probably

gonna show up a little bit early because

I'm a little neurotic like to you know

if I'm feeling anxious about something

and like fear the unknown and I just

like to show up early and figure it out



your girl has rosacea I was formally

diagnosed with rosacea he asked me if

anyone in my family has it and my mom I

think like has rosacea but she's never

been diagnosed with this so I don't know

but yeah I'll fill you guys in on the

appointment sorry I didn't like film in

there or anything is so medical and felt

so formal and it's seen I don't know I

didn't want to bother them with like

wiping out my camera because awkward

okay sometimes I'm just awkward

about filming people in public

especially in their business like I

don't know it just felt weird so I

didn't film but I'm gonna head home and

I will tell you guys the all the

medication stuff that I got and you know

just the advice I got about rosacea and

what I learned today about rosacea

let's talk rosacea so I kind of had a

feeling that that's what I was going to

be diagnosed with or I don't know I was

kind of hoping that honestly because

it's something that people have heard of

I'm familiar with yeah my biggest fear

going in was that they would look at my

nose and just be like we can't help you

we don't know what it is you just have a

red nose because that would be like my

nightmare because then it's like I have

to figure it out on my own and use

topical stuff things that I have used

before for my nose is like aloe vera I

did the bio clarity system as you guys

know and I was going to repurchase it

but I was just worried that I had

something more serious that it just it

can't treat rosacea right so I didn't

end up repurchasing it and I've just

been using like old stuff that I've had

in my collection because I refuse to

spend more money on skincare when I have

like a bunch of unused moisturizer some

of which aren't cruelty free that's how

long I've had them and that's probably

not good for my skin either no my hair's

doing guys I'm trying to train my hair

to be up more because I have a sensitive

scalp and you have no idea how about I

want to take it down right now cuz I

have a headache from just one hour of

wearing it in a bun like this anyway I

even have the telephone cord thing to

like you guys told me to do it's not

working first off I was prescribed an

antibiotic which makes me cringe a

little bit because I don't you guys

remember when my hair fell out that was

from an antibiotic allergic reaction so

I'm actually allergic to all sulfa


so I turned to a lobster my whole skin

turns red like my whole skin my whole

skin organ all of my skin turns red and

I feel like I'm dying like literally

could not stand and then six months

later or three months later I think it's

three months later my hair started to

fall out so not a fan of antibiotics

since then and I don't like to take them

very often at all because there's other

women Lee problems that it causes can't

use birth control like it negates that

so it's just not fun times to be put on

an antibiotic but he said that these

this antibiotic is like a different kind

doxycycline hi slate and it's 75

milligrams of that twice a day for 30

days and then she said I have two more

refills after that so if I get another

flare-up later on if the topical isn't

working as well then I can refill that

prescription for another 30 days I don't

know if I want to do that I will do it

for the first 30 days and see how it

helps it he says it's not treating an

infection but it is an antibiotic that

is often prescribed for acne and rosacea

so it's less harsh than like the sulfa

antibiotics or any other antibiotics

that we are used to getting from the

doctor that's the first thing that he

said that I should do also this rosacea

triple combo medicine they do this for

people who don't have insurance because

they have an FDA approved lab in their

facility or it's outsourced I guess and

this is for rosacea and then it was $45

to get this and he said it'll last me a

long time because I only have rosacea on

my nose which has that like oh this is

not FDA approved on here but it says FDA

registered outsourcing facility and then

on the sign it said FDA approved like

lab okay maybe it's just I think that

they do it so it's affordable for their

patients so I'm gonna use this very

carefully the ingredients ivermectin

metronidazole niacinamide potassium as a

lowell dyke listening does any of that

mean anything to you guys so another

issue that I had with going to a


is that I am of course cruelty free and

medical things like this is really hard

to be cruelty free so one thing that I

do need to get is a fragrance free

calming moisturizer doesn't have to be

calming but has to be basic like a basic

basic moisturizer for my skin because

the only one I have right now is like

your anti-aging and I feel like it has

like an acid in it that helps like with

aging so I have a grunts in it so I need

one that's like really basic so that I

will get cruelty free but the medicine

and antibiotic of course is not so I

know how many eight comments about that

but I when it comes to medical stuff if

you do what you got to do like

vaccinations aren't cruelty free or

vegan but we do that anyway or at least

hopefully there are just certain things

that you got to do and obviously this is

very cosmetic I'll give you guys a

close-up of my nose actually have a

flare-up over there and then he gave me

this sheet which this is going to be my

Bible because it is rosacea triggers

things that trigger it which is

everything so basically I can live in a

cave that's not human though because

humidity also causes a trigger number

one potential trigger is sun exposure I

didn't see that one coming obviously my

nose gets so red in the Sun obviously so

I do try to use sunscreen anytime I do

go outside I don't leave my house every

day so I don't wear sunscreen every day

emotional stress is number two that

really explains a lot hot weather

number three so that's gonna be my

excuse to my boyfriend to have the a/c

on all the time have the exercise makes

sense he even said after you workout put

a cool compress on your nose so it

doesn't flare up my life is changing

guys I have a whole new routine now let

me know if you want a day in the life of

rosacea alcohol consumption cold weather

so we have hot weather and cold weather

aren't good for rosacea spicy foods

that's a fun one because I do eat a lot

of spicy food humidity

like I said skincare products indoor

heat that's the one I'm gonna be like

David can't be hot in our apartment I

to have it cool otherwise my nose is

gonna turn red heated beverages and

certain cosmetics and then it goes on to

medical conditions medications certain

fruit marinated meats certain vegetables

dairy so those are very small

percentages of what could cause a

flare-up but yeah this is just I don't

know am I gonna avoid all of this no so

yeah that is my rosacea journey so far

and finally I have an answer as to why I

look like Rudolph all the time and maybe

you guys can cut coheny back no honestly

it wasn't the internet that made me

self-conscious about it although it did

make me more aware of it of course I

know what I look like I have a mirror

and I know I have a red nose and even if

they didn't help me it wouldn't bother

me that much but it is something that I

would rather treat and maintain then

just let go and have this all the time I

just can't picture myself with a normal

nose without makeup on like he also said

by the way that rosacea people with

rosacea are more prone to dry skin so

that makes sense because I have

extremely dry skin and my nose gets

really flaky and dry when I wear makeup

or you know what anytime it's always dry

flaky he also said most people get

rosacea like on the cheek area and like

in here more so and he's like you just

have it on your nose and I was like I

know it's weird I don't I'm one of a

kind I was originally gonna end the

video there but I decided to make this a

little bit more extensive I kind of

decided that I want to go peruse CBS and

look at their natural moisturizers but I

also have decided to put this on my main

channel I think so I want it to be a

little bit more thorough I just want to

reach more people and talk more about my

problem because I feel like it affects a

lot of people so I want people to see

how many times am I gonna say people I

want you guys to be able to see my

journey in my process more thoroughly so

we're gonna go oh god there's people for

children so I want to go look at some

moisturizers and

what's cruelty free out there that is

natural the ones that I golden the

natural once anyway that are like

dermatologist recommended for rosacea

are not cruelty free so I'm hoping

they'll have something like really basic

and then also really embarrassing but I

want to get like a probiotic or

something because I will be on

antibiotics and that is I hate about it

cuz I hate that I have to be on this I

guess I don't have to but I want to try

it so it does interfere with birth

control and can cause yeast infections

so we need to get ahead of that and see

if I can get a probiotic or I talked to

the pharmacist on the phone actually

they called like a weird program thing

with their prescriptions that they go

through so they called me and I gots

talk to the pharmacist about it so I got

my questions answered

see this brand researchers what's really

recommended but it's not cruelty free

neither is that or that or that to be

Burt's Bees I feel like this yes to

carrots has a natural one Alba I think

is cruelty free derma e don't even be a

great one and only have this little

section wait here like on the ground

it's really all they have it's like

acids in it I want that vitamin C no at

the yes to cucumbers line for sensitive

skin it's this dermatologist tested I'm

at the Burt's Bees night sensitive it's

99% natural so I think this is the

winner there's no one here

okay this is great okay so I got a

probiotic it was $30 I got the off-brand

one because we're trying to save a

little bit of money in this process this

is an expensive skin issue that I'm

doing right now but yeah hopefully this

works I don't I don't really know what

I'm looking for but probiotic can't hurt

right I don't know and then like you saw

in the store I went with the Burt's Bees

sensitive night cream with cotton

extract it's fragrance free

hypoallergenic dermatologist tested says

it's 99% natural I thought it might be

helpful for the rest of the video that

we talk about my new skincare routine

for rosacea I thought about doing a

different video but I'm just gonna do

all of the rosacea content in one video

so it's all like informational and

everything but welcome to my bathroom

this is this is my bathroom this is a

room we worked really hard on decorating

or I worked really hard on decorating

and I really love it I think it's super

cute anyway let's get into the product I

think I'm just gonna talk about the

products instead of doing like showing

you how to do my skincare routine

because I think you know how to wash

your face you know what that looks like

so I'm not gonna do like a whole thing

that does one thing that I really need

to get is like a really basic cleanser

that's fragrance free and cruelty free

and everything like that so still in the

hunt for that the ones I have now I

think will be fine the first one is the

bio clarity cleanse not sponsored in

this video at all by the way was

sponsored at one point in time but not

so I definitely need to use this up has

chamomile green tea and cucumber and it

does not have fragrance in it which is

great I have been using the derma e

nourishing rose cleansing oil for dry

skin a cleansing oil super good I love

it so I guess from there I'll go into

the well yeah this is gonna have to be

next this is my prescription now for

rosacea so this I'm just going to apply

it to my nose and then everywhere else I

have two serums but I don't use either

of them every day because they're I

don't know I just don't believe in using

serums every day you don't need to I'm

still using up it's like really empty

right now but I'm still using up the bio

clarity restore with floral looks like

this is really great I don't think

that's fragrance in it no it does not so

it's really good for your skin this

helps with redness so I will probably

put that everywhere else because as you

can see my skin still red everywhere

it's just not rosacea everywhere and

then I recently invested in a retinol

this is because medics brand I'll link

everything down below that I talked

about this is serum 16 rapid renewal

serum and this is for wrinkles anti

aging and everything like that so this

is great to use if your in your later


I mean I'm not an expert so you know and

I'll go in with my new birth B's

sensitive night cream which I'm actually

excited about looking it into this

actually I'm not gonna get into it right

now my camera is dying so but yeah

that's gonna be my moisturizer now and

then as far as sunscreen I actually have

I keep my sunscreen in here this is my

go-to sunscreen it's a super goop unseen

come on camera focus I have my

artificial light in here and it's very

weird super group unseen sunscreen with

SPF 40 this is what I use on my face on

a regular basis but I also recently

picked up a jug of the regular everyday

sunscreen and this has natural oat

extract in it as well and this is SPF 50

this is a great cruelty free sunscreen

brand of case you're you know in the

market for one of those so I have a lot

of sunscreen gonna use it a ton you

actually need to apply a lot for it to

be really effective so I'm glad I bought

like the gallon of it not literally it's

18 ounces and then per makeup I recently

picked up the cosmetic CC cream with

again SPF 50 in it which is great it has

anti-aging hydrating serum in it so I'll

give you guys my opinion more when I use

this more regularly but I've only used

it one time love how it goes on I'm in

the lightest shade and fair and it's

still a little too dark it oxidizes a

little bit but it's worth it because it

looks beautiful on the skin so there you

go so I think that's a wrap on the

rosacea video that's pretty much all the

knowledge I've gained so far in one day

and my new kind of routine that I'm

gonna try obvious I'm not going to use

all these products every single day I

just wanted to show you what I will be

using from here on out just for a little

bit more information for you guys and

then if you want an update in like six

months I can do a video update I'm

sitting on my toilets

awkward we can do an update video on how

my rosacea is going how the antibiotics

worked because that's going to take some

time and how the prescription works for

the rosacea so I'll let you know all of

that in the future video if you want

that anyway rosacea is not a serious

problem it's mostly cosmetic so unless

you get an infection with the breakouts

and things like that it's really not

that deep or that serious but it is

irritating so I did want to do a video

about what I've learned and hopefully

bring some awareness