Saving the endangered Siberian tigers from extinction | Dispatch

they possess a wild beauty that's

majestic even hypnotic they are deadly

but also endangered

that's just part of what makes Siberian

tigers so fascinating you're about to

see them in ways you probably never have


Russians have a deep reverence for these

magnificent creatures our Moscow

correspondent Chris Brown had a chance

to see close-up the country's efforts to

let them thrive once more he filed this

dispatch from Vladivostok he is one of

nature's greatest and most beautiful

predators the Siberian tiger is the

largest of the tiger species whose thick

fur allows it to survive in the world's

coldest climates he doesn't even notice

our camera as he senses vulnerable prey

is near his killer instincts take over

as he stalks and then pounces in the

blink of an eye the violent attack is


we're actually watching this go down

from a safe spot at a safari park and

this is arguably Russia's most famous

tiger his name is amor do you know warp

or a city seal you move what really

holds the simulated joystick resides

Dmitry this antenna is the director here

well similar promoted I know a stoker

you know receive an Timur the guts you

might remember a more from this video a

few years back he became a global

celebrity by befriending a goat named

Tim or that was supposed to be his

dinner a more may have been born in

captivity but his prominence transcends

his confined space he's emerged as a

symbol of hope for an entire species at

risk it's incredible how well Siberian

tigers blend in with their surroundings

they're notoriously difficult to spot in

the wild which is why you have to come

to some place like this to see them this

whole area around Vladivostok in the Far

East of Russia is Siberian tiger

territory liver wants some of the most

endangered animals on earth

from just a few dozen animals in the mid

20th century there were 490 Siberian

tigers as of 2018 that's still not a lot

so when people see a tiger it's a big


leaping across a highway or here trying

to blend in like a tree when Russian

conservation has called us to say we had

a chance to film a tiger in the wild and

to meet a more we hopped on a plane and

headed to the city of Vladivostok it's

obvious once you get here just how

revered Tigers are there are statues and

monuments everywhere our destination was

a one-of-a-kind Tiger rehabilitation

centre and the tiger we came to see was

teak on a 13-year old nail over


Christmas he got into trouble with some

villagers by eating their pets after he

was tranquilized scientists realized he

Khan had a problem with his teeth so

they cleaned and repaired his damaged

fangs Tiger biologist Sergei army lev

said t-con seemed to be ready to be

released back into the wild nasa me that

super sort of Stephen Ezard in watching

yes Aidan I eat just as we arrived T



so instead of witnessing his freedom the

Russian authorities gave us

unprecedented access to observe their

scientific teams as they performed his

autopsy every time a tiger dies there

has to be an investigation to determine

the cause of death to know if something

illegal such as poaching was responsible

they look for gunshot wounds stab marks

for signs of poisoning and later they'll

look at his organs to understand it

perhaps his diet or food sources were

the problem it all helps authorities

understand the stresses the tiger

population faces they cleaned his fur

and measured him from tail to toe before

hoisting him up to see his weight when

he died so they just weighed T Han and

they know he was about a hundred and

forty or so kilograms at his death and

that's pretty light they think he should

have been up where around 200 or so

kilograms for a 13 year old male tiger

they're not sure why he was so he wasn't

heavy obviously it had dental work he

had trouble eating before so that could

be one possibility but there's obviously

a lot more going on here and that's what

this this necropsy is hopefully going to

give some answers to it's sad to see

such a great beast at the end of its

life especially knowing how fragile the

population remains but aremy lab says t

Han his party ticket professional

meeting means that one was killed the

first time Nagas doing the final cause

of death we were told later dehydration

and exhaustion t Han basically died



at the rehab center hopefully a more

positive story is about to unfold these

two Cobbs Elena and Pavlik were rescued

after their mother had to be relocated

because she ate six dogs in a Russian

village but rather than sending the cubs

to zoos and a life of captivity Viktor

Koosman called who runs the rehab center

is training them to hunt and to fend for

themselves so they can be reintroduced

into the wild starts in time what you

watch is was in process of rocketry did

not delay anymore they set up little

only private areas reputable distillery

yes an analysis of data stability is big

out Chioggia support Chile could Napoli

will call the no humans rule is strictly

enforced we could only watch them on

these monitors

I think global and even when Vladimir

Putin visited in 2014

russia's President had to keep his

distance to the Kremlin helps fund this

Center as well as many of the other

tiger conservation measures the young

Tigers are taught to hunt using wild

animals usually a deer is released into

the pen and the Tigers chase it down and

finish it off with a bite to the neck in

the past five years

this centre has rehabilitated and

released seven Tigers

other measures such as monitoring have

helped to cameras such as this one

capture extraordinary sights such as for

tiger cubs playing all day there are

more than 800 such cameras all over

Russia's Far East but for all the

successes the greatest threat faced by

Tigers remains people who want to kill

them for their furs and body Morrow was

caught up in a private she didn't give

any useful Sergei era Mila the biologist

has a freezer full of seized illegal

trophies he shows us a party shave the

market for such items he says is almost

all in China where tiger parts fetch a

high price Lenny was on some status Dafa

Thomas Tamiya kit is cured at least is

no no plus khaki that I miss reviews

narration it was no panic still

officially a diet origin gain use a

crackdown though by Russia's government

on poaching does seem to be working in

2010 up to 70 Tigers a year were killed

by poachers now the number is closer to

15 to 20

that's thanks in part to conservation

officers such as Andrei Sakharov and his

team he leads one of 14 dedicated anti

poaching teams they ride in armored

personnel carriers often camping for

days at a time we spent one day with

them at the static we would get me

resume vision the most anticipated is 2

meter Cutlass which would never talk

about what the como podemos career

immediately pecan initial news talk

about on polomoche what the question is

could the other part of his job is

dealing with those angry villagers who

lose their pets to tigers there are lots

of those stories on Russian TV

Wow her dog was killed this woman was

luckier there was lots of blood from the

lucky escape

so to stop people from shooting problem

Tigers which is illegal Sakharov and his

crew try to calm things down and hand

out compensation to the receivable

smooches don't open that

Schettino / debt / debt Nakuru floppin


what's again a podiatrist about the girl

I saw work no more he is the chief

astronomer is the communication among

English Nasik initiated to the better

Siberian tigers are still listed as an

endangered species but Sergei army lab

says after decades of worry the

trajectory is finally looking up no new

vestroia test question is cascaded

shoten is it no bottommost odontogenic

eager wanted our resource to dream ask

you did canary get accustomed to it with

the word who was any good research


the official conservation target is to

have a population of 700 wild adult

Siberian tigers and Cubs in four years

time and authorities believe they'll get

there Chris Brown CBC News near

Vladivostok Russia there is more on this

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