Why is the Shroud of Turin still a Mystery?

considering the abundant evidence on the

Shroud of Turin why is it not more

widely known how does the secular world

account for its existence your

information on the subject is great but

I haven't heard much about the Shroud

elsewhere not even this is always

interesting not even in Catholic circles

thank you and this is Patrick from

Kentucky a great question Patrick to be

frank there is one principal reason why

the Shroud kind of fell off the radar

screen and that was in 1988 there was a

carbon-dating that was done by three

reputable labs one at Oxford one in

Zurich and one at in Phoenix Arizona and

when those tests were done it was

revealed that the Shroud had been

produced probably in the 15th century

now of course I was one of the people

who suckered for this 100% I you know I

thought these are three reputable labs

the people who take took the sample must

have been reputable I gave my assent

over now I had been a fan of the Shroud

prior to 1988 had been following the

stirrup investigation the Shroud of

Turin research project the big 1978

investigation of volumes and volumes of

data that were produced and then in 1988

I was mind blown I just couldn't believe

it because the reputation you know was

so strong for the Shroud of Turin

however I found out about 15 years later

so this I mean in 1998 already it was

known that the Strand the single strand

that was taken for that 1988 testing

that strand was very defective and the

reason was it was taken first of all

from a very problematic part of the

cloth it was a corner of the cloth that

had been visibly patched later in the

15th century by sisters that were trying

to patch the cloth and put a back cloth

on the linen after the fire of char nein

so of chambre excuse me and and when

that happened you know these these

fibers were woven into it

now what was found out later this is

probably in 1998 sue Benford and other

people actually showed that this part of

the cloth it was highly controversial

the second thing is they were supposed

to take seven different samples from

seven parts of the cloth and have them

tested by a pyrokinesis expert and a

materials expert before it that the

samples were actually sent in to make

sure that they belong to the linen none

of that was done a single thread from a

highly controversial corner of the cloth

was taken it was split into three parts

and then sent to the three reputable

labs or of course they get the result of

the 15th century however when sue

Benford did her reporting then a group

of the physicists who had been working

on it and especially this fellow dr. ray

Raymond Rogers and he was really a

physical chemist and a thermal chemical

expert you know and he basically was

able by locating where that the sample

was taken from in the 1988 invading they

had cameras on the clock I could see

precisely where it was taken from he

then got fibrils from the cloth that

were taken in 1978 from the exact same

spots he then took those five rolls and

identified the following three well

problems first of all he subjected those

fibrils that were taken from the exact

same spot

he subjected it to several different

thermal chemical tests and he elucidates

every single one that he put it through

but at the end of you know that the

spectrometry the pyrokinesis etcetera

when all the tests are completed it's

very very clear that the sample that was


would not have possibly been from the

original linen first of all the sample

that was taken would have had cotton in

it it wasn't any cotton at the time of

Jesus and certainly there wasn't any

dyed cotton and certainly not any dyed

cotton that used a gum die mordant

which only came into Europe in the 11th

century so for all intents and purposes

the sample right which would have had

cotton dye and a Morton to tie the dye

to the to the cotton that wasn't

available until Europe much later this

couldn't have come from the original

linen and the cloth by the way is not

cotton of course it is linen and it's a

linen that corresponds to the kind that

in the and the twill and the weave that

would have been available during the

time of Jesus so at the end ray Rogers

and then of course a variety of other

chemists and physicists since that time

have already discredited the 1988 carbon

dating sample not the dating itself that

was done off anyway but the sample

itself was clearly you know a you know a

sample that was almost I can't say it

was intentionally designed to deceive

but it came as close as you can possibly

get to intentionally designing people

over time but like I said I didn't even

discover this myself until 2004 right so

I was way behind the times and and and

so I think all of us really suckered for

this dating and now we just got to

change all that because there's been

four other dating tests and a variety of

other things that we'll talk about later

that show that the Shroud is really

created around 50 ad