Why Blow the Shofar

why blow the shofar what is so important

that the shofar is to be blown well

there is a number of items of the

importance of it we'll deal with the

first twelve and you know search out the


the first one is it reminds Satan and

his demons that their time on earth is

very if you want to get serve Satan as

demon scared

just keep the mind you know that their

time is just about out they don't like


second that Satan's horns are blowing

against him and his kingdom remember you

represents the wild goat in two

different sized horns

you can find that of the revs horn but

we talked about it now you know the

ballot day for one st. channel 3 is that

Satan's power and authority is broken a

believer can now challenge him with him

the Word of God and defeat him

so when you're rolling the trumpet of

the shofar that's one of his horns

blowing your gang stuff okay he can't

deal with it

they flee when the ram's horn is blowing

d nuts flee

that's why the start of the Sabbath the

RAM someone just won three times it

clears the area how this happened Jesus

did say that how can Satan Satan is

divided against himself

go fall any else divided shake his own

horn is going back at the end that's

right destroy him yeah doesn't think

that at all for that the wealth and

glory of the world is now belong to the

believers five it is blowing at the

Feast of Trumpets to call all believers

to the wedding supper six it is blowing

of the beasts of tabot the Beast

trumpets to end the first fruit harvest

there comes a time and there's no more

repentance it's the signal

and it's also blowing supposed to be

boiling at the end of the piece of

Taverner Feast of Trumpets to claim a

blessing for the next year's harvest

free of single screens for disasters

tomorrow so not only in the grain

harvest and a thing you know the food

harvests firstfruits and all that but

that those that live on into the kingdom

will be responsible and comments

rendered to Yeshua 8 it is blowing at

the coming of the weekly Sabbath to call

forth the kingdom of God 9 it's blowing

at the start of the weekly Sabbath as a

reminder of the Sabbath covenant as

given to Adam 10 the three long blasts

at the start of the weekly Sabbath call

for the dead to hear that there are

times of Resurrection are now at hand

eleven it is a call for rejoicing praise

and worship and the thing is when that

praise and worship are there it creates

a protection that the Kings the bombing

attack I mean I come

so as you end it in a week can you bring

them forth it's telling you that you're

you know that you can call all

protection for in the coming week

through the program I rejoice in praise

of worship yes it is a reminder of our

sonship and that we are able to come

before the throne of God in prayer and

thankfulness did you have a right to go

right into the throne of God when the

shofar is blowing at the new moon we are

calling for the opening of laydown turn

over and surrender that door could be

closed except for the boy of the trumpet

to the grace to change our ways so that

our will lines up with the will of the

Father so when the trumpet is blown and

we hear it recognizing that we are

surrendering to our father's will your

will be done on earth as it is in heaven

well that's part of what's being said

there it's three years to acknowledge in

our brains and souls that we are loved

supported and refreshed because of

Yeshua and his word for that our victory

and destiny are for Yeshua Yeshua and of

Yeshua it's not in our strength

five that the gifts of our father's

grace to change and growth is ready to

be received so we don't blow the trumpet

or come to its blowing we're not

acknowledging that we're ready to

receive what the father's offering this

six that there are three resurrections

to call the dead back to life at three

appointed times and seven that this

earth and universe will soon cease to

exist and we are calling forth the new

universe free from death sin and sadness

only a real ram's horn can be blown you

can't use the metal ones as a shofar of

power you can make the noise with these

metal ones on plastic ones but you have

no power give it to you through it metal

horns do not carry the same meaning or

power they discern a noise doesn't noise

sometimes listen to the ram's prophecy

of events in the ram's horn and Malachi

4 verse alone or

first one malachi 4:1 the channel on

YouTube he thanked the caller that asked

this question it was worth a deep study

in order to answer it and bless you -

who to take the time to wash this

YouTube bit did you spend this time to

do so to learn that there are more than

just one meaning behind the shofar

so we bless you in Yeshua's name