Rabbi Yehudah Black - Why is the Shema so Important?

hello my name is rabbi in the back and I

am the rabbi of the Canton shop today

I'm going to speak about why is the

Jamar so important

first I want to tell you what is the

comma the Shema is composed of three

paragraphs one - from Deuteronomy and

one from numbers the Shema is not a

prayer per se in the fact that we do not

petition or request God for an ancillary

from our mother

the Shamar is the declaration of faith

of the June the first paragraph speaks

about accept God as our God the second

focuses on accepting his mid-forties

precepts and the concept of reward and

Punishment the third paragraph focuses

on divine revelation and its its it it

is with the words of the Shema that the

June departs from this one and it is the

word said the person recites twice a day

every morning and evening the first

words are as follows shema yisrael

hashem elokenu hashem afar listen o

Israel Lord our God the Lord is one

these are the words accepting him as one

as a king notice the words Shema and f

that when it's written in the Torah the

iron and the dollars are within larger

meaning eight witness the effort the one

God is one sands or the palace stands

for one that yet the seven heavens and

the one Walton developed the full

dimensions of this world this is

followed with the Declaration of the

hafta enter Gemini Kemba lover God then

teaching the Torah and the words of the

Shama to our children and binding the

words on the hands on the head the

tefillin and lighting them these words

on the mezuzah

these are the fundamentals of what it

means to be a Jew