Shark Tooth Island Georgia Fossils!

so we are out here on Shark Island

really cool place I'm under the

impression that a lot of this stuff has

been dredged and put up on this island

we kind of had the most luck just you

know sort of taking our hands and

brushing through this stuff and we are

finding the shark teeth one of the

things that we did when we first got

here was scour the tide lines you want

to get down close like really close like

my on your hands and knees right

here's the second bus today

I can't I think this is a tiger to

myself back in the hotel room and we

have awesome lighting and I was also

able to get some of these teeth cleaned

up let's take a closer look so oh in 4k

look at that Nikko that is a sexy tooth

got the color on the oh yeah

fo sho and nice tiger very cool

I found this on a timeline and there's

some stuff that probably nobody moved

over her Karen doublet hunter so I was

hoping a bunch of stuff over and then I

found this guy laying right underneath

pretty cool and the cutest baby Meg

dudududududu was a very small Meg so

cool and here's some larger Meg's

I'm a little bit unsure about this one

because this is like very serrated I

don't know if those thing that's

definitely big

I love the color on this one really nice

good that blue that's one of the really

cool things about the teeth from here is

that oops they're not as dark as the

Peace River stuff although I will

forever hold a special place in my heart

for the Peace River because that place

is awesome

nice huh me


serrations on that are awesome look at


very cool

very nice tooth

here's somebody owns this is a stingray

barb stingray it's fine

see you to write it another time a dozen

it's still pretty cool one oh yeah and

here's that vertebrae so I'm not really

sure what to yet I have to do some more

research kind of cool