What is the importance of shahada? - Dr. Shabir Ally

that Muhammad is his slave his servant

and we keep on having to say this so

many times in the day to make sure that

he is a servant he is a messenger and

the problem being humans is that when

you respect someone too much because

he's a good person to the point that you

make a statue of him or that when he is

buried you end up worshipping him and I

think as Muslims we very well know that

that is what happened to Jesus to the

point that he is a good person he is our

prophet but no way is he good to us and

500 years later when our Prophet peace

be upon him came and with our

declaration of faith we make sure that

we mentioned that he's and always will

be a servant thank you thank you I think

that was a useful addition and

clarification on on the question and and

that prompts me also to add that despite

what I've said Muslims by this constant

repetition of the phrase that Muhammad

is a servant and Messenger of God

have drilled into their minds that that

yes there is only one God and and this

has remained universal and it's

something that unites Muslims it unites

Muslims in the sense that no matter

where we go we know that the Muslims are

only worshiping the one God so let's say

I go into a Masjid in the other side of

the world Malaysia but I go in there I

feel comfortable I know that they are

praying to the same God III don't have a

fear that maybe they're worshiping

something else and and the fact that we

worship only the unseen creator of the

heavens and the earth makes our places

of worship welcoming the people of other

faiths as well see suppose for example

we followed the ancient Egyptians and we

had like a crocodile representation of

God now we have it here and we are

bowing to this crocodile so somebody

comes in whereas you are a Christian

they're gonna say no you don't worship

the crocodile

even the Hindu person with many gods and

many different representations may come

in here and see us bowing before the

crocodile and say I can't join you guys

because I don't pray to a crocodile

right so now on the contrary when people

come in here and they join us in the

prayer we pray together all in this in a

row and there are no representations who

do you guys worship you we worship you

on-scene creator of the heavens and on

the earth almost everybody believes in

that one so even Jews and Christians can

come and join us in our prayers and it

will not be untied achill to their faith

it will not be see if a Muslim goes and

worships in a place where they have an

idol the Muslim feels right away I can't

do this because they have an idol and as

a Muslim I can't worship an idol right

same thing if we have an idol here a

Jewish person comes in the Jewish person

says even if you're worshiping the true

God but you have an idol to represent

that God sorry we can't join you but if

the Jewish person comes in here and sees

that that we have no representation of

God we're only worshiping the one true

unseen creator of names on the earth

they can join us in prayer next Saturday

we will have a program here and there

are other peoples of other faiths coming

to join us in that program and we

suggested to them as we have done

tonight that we'll have the Chef's rarer

li ER so that when they come it's only

lecture time they said no keep the

prayer time as it is at seven o'clock

because we want to come in and join in

the prayer so this was specifically said

by a Christian pastor and why he wants

to join in the prayer and what would

allow him to join in the prayer the fact

that we do not worship a foreign God and

we don't have any representations of God

no crocodiles here so only the unseen

creator of the ends of the earth so if a

Christian comes and worships with us

that Christian can can feel that I'm

just doing the same thing with Jesus did

Jesus fell on his face and prayed to the

unseen God I'm falling on my face and

praying to the unseen God I'm not doing

anything different I have not

compromised my faith in any way because

no specific form of the prayer has been

prescribed for her

Christian's they have been told to pray

our Father who art in heaven but that

means to that they are praying to the

Father not not to Jesus

beyond that in that prayer so but it

doesn't mean that every time you pray to

God you have to recite this prayer you

might recite some other prayer in some

other words maybe you're going to write

an examination you're saying eh

God please give me success in this


so you're saying different words on

different occasions not necessarily

specific words of prayer and and since

Jesus prayed in that way and Muslims are

praying in this way Christians can feel

at home praying along with Muslims so

yes the fact that we have repeated this

formula again and again has made it very

clear to Muslims all and sundry that

there is only one God and and that God

is not any human being the Prophet

Muhammad is only a human being he is not

God we do not worship Him we worship the

God whom he worship the God whom Jesus

worship the God whom Moses worshiped and

and so on