How Does the Sense of Sight Work?

how does the sense of sight work

what is sight and how does it affect us

as individuals to the world how does it

also affect our surroundings vision is

one of the five senses or abilities that

our human house some people believe that

vision is actually the most crucial or

important sense that we have as it aids

all the four other senses that we have

in different ways - so what is sight

that is the ability to see the things

around us with our eyes we all have

different eyes from colors to shapes

therefore we all see different

someone may seem to have extremely clear

vision and they're able to see 20 feet

away without a problem that means they

have 20/20 vision that person can have

almost perfect vision and say like that

pretty much in their entire life

people with not-so-good vision would

need glasses or contacts the actual

purpose of these sight magnifiers are to

aid your sight so that your eyes get

better adjusted to seeing more clearly

if your sense of sight is a bit foggy or

blurry at times

here are some special vocabulary terms

that you may or may not be already

familiar with vision the ability that

most people have to see things around us

site one of the most important senses

that we as humans have I a pair of

spherical organs located in the head

that serve a primary purpose of helping

us and being able to perceive different

objects or things around us peripheral

vision the ability to see to the side

while looking straight ahead anatomy the

study of the structure or internal

workings of something optical relating

to or having to do with the sense of

sight sight also helps us take everyday

important actions in life here are a

couple of examples of sight being in use

cooks and chefs must be able to see the

food they cook serve and eat so that

their customers are happy with the food

that they order people such as artists

must be able to see their writing

materials like a pencil and paper in

order to do their job gymnasts and

dancers need to know where they must

land or move to their for site plays a

major role in them being able to see

these things and last but obviously not

least doctors or surgeons are required

to have good vision as they need sight

to carry out important surgical


the growing and shrinking of pupils also

known as dilation is you know that your

pupils can actually shrink and expand

based on what they are trying to see or

do in this clip we can see how their

pupils are shrinking from the sight of

extremely bright light in the flash

we couldn't get footage of someone's

eyes growing larger because when you

were in the dark your eyes try to adjust

to the lack of color but when you are in

the dark the darkness of the area forces

your eyes to try to be able to see the

more your eyes can't see the larger your

pupils get in order to try to adjust to

the lack of light since you cannot see

in the dark unless you have superpowers

this will lead your pupils to dilate or


in conclusion we should not take our

sight for granted people who do not get

to experience sight blind people cannot

live the way that we do today

nevertheless their lives are in no way

worse or additionally unenjoyable than

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