If I take a home pregnancy test and still see a faint line, does that mean I'm pregnant?

a lot of women are confused when they've

been suspicious at pregnancy they take a

home pregnancy test and then see a faint

line they're wondering am I really

pregnant or am I not it all goes back to

a couple of things first of all a home

pregnancy test is detecting a hormone

called human chorionic gonadotropin or

HCG and that's a hormone that your body

starts to release early in pregnancy and

levels rise exponentially in peak around

eight to eleven weeks gestation levels

aren't high enough though for a home

pregnancy test to detect it until two

weeks after conception so the best thing

to do if you suspect pregnancy is to

wait until your period should start and

if it doesn't then that's when you

should take a home pregnancy test even

then though women still get faintly

positive results or falsely negative

results because ovulation usually

happens about mid cycle but some some

women ovulate a little bit later than

the norm and that means that HCG levels

might not be high enough to be detected

by a home pregnancy test until a few

days later so if the first test is

faintly positive or negative and you

still haven't started bleeding in

another three to five days take another

test let a few days go by I know it's

hard to just put that in the back of

your mind and wait but unfortunately

that's the only thing you can do is be

patient if you are indeed pregnant and

HCG levels are rising appropriately if

you take another test in five days it

should be pretty positive and obvious

but if it's not at that point then call

your doctor and after asking you more

specific questions they can determine if

further testing is necessary usually

what happens at that point is that they

bring you into the office you take a

urine test there or they recommend

taking a blood test a blood test is a

lot more sensitive than a urine test and

it can tell you two things it can tell

you I am i pregnant yes or no and then

it can also tell you if they order a

specific test how high the HCG levels

are so that test is usually necessary if

you started bleeding but you knew you

were pregnant in the past that

information can be helpful in

determining if the pregnancy is

progressing as it should

another reason women see faintly

positive results is that they've read

the tests outside of the time for

recommended by the manufacturer of the

test most tests have an insert in them

and they'll tell you to read the test

results within three to five minutes

some say five to ten so that's why you

should check with the test check the

insert of the test you're taking and

after you've read it within that amount

of time just throw it away and don't be

tempted to look at it again because some

tests do turn faintly positive they sit

there long enough and so if you see that

result two hours later then you start to

winter my pregnant but if the initial

result was negative then either it's a

false negative if you took it too early

or you just aren't pregnant so again the

best thing to do is to wait more time

like five days or so take another test

and if you're still wondering what's

going on

call your doctor good luck with

everything and if you have more

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