Connecting to school WiFi

okay how to get on Wi-Fi starring

Madison Miller go to settings first you

click Wi-Fi wait for it first one is

FCPS on board click it it'll connect now

that doesn't mean it's Wi-Fi that's only

the first step so open up Manny where is

Safari oh my goodness don't be like

Maddie just have Safari on your home


now you'll see if you see a sign if you

see a message like this that's okay if

you see if it looks like it's the

webpage it's not so just go to anything

I usually just go to ESPN and good you

get this sign if not you might get a

green screen and that's good too but if

you get one of these click show details

and then it's just saying the connection

it's not private that's okay blah blah

blah to the bottom it says visit this

website just go there click visit

website this is where you need to be

okay so this is enrolling you in to the

Wi-Fi yes you agree start you are FCPS

student click in your username and

password Mandy come here

type it in

well you won't show everybody your

password where you're using him password

I love mr. wickham cool ok you can save

it it doesn't matter ok trying to

download a profile you need that profile

so allow let's choose the devices ok

profile is downloaded now it says here

go back to your main screen and click

network but that doesn't always work

sometimes you need to go back to your

settings if it doesn't automatically

connect to Fairfax you're going to click

back go to settings you are going to

scroll down to general and then find I

think it's at the profiles right there

bring your own device profile because

you need to install the profile

let's get your password one two three


ok install it's installed click done go

back go back

and hopefully fingers crossed might take

some time but it should eventually

Connect there you go you're welcome a

tea enjoy the Internet's