Savanna Grassland- Biomes of the world

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biome called the savanna the savanna is

a type of biome with large stretches of


mix with trees and shrubs it is a mix

between a tropical forests and a

temperate grassland savannas have warm

temperatures year-round there are

actually two very different seasons in a

savanna a very long dry season in the

winter and a very wet season in the

summer in the dry season a savanna may

receive only 4 inches of rain the dry

season is between December and February

and has occasional fires in the summer

it may rain often and this biome may

receive up to 10 to 25 inches of

rainfall savannas are located in Africa

Brazil India and Australia the savanna

we are most familiar with is the East

African savanna this savanna is dotted

with trees and shrubs the Serengeti

plains of Tanzania are some of the most

well known here animals like lions

zebras elephants and giraffes are found

many animals in the savanna

have the ability to migrate many types

of grasses exist in the savanna and this

biome is known for the acacia trees and

Bale Bab trees plants of the savanna

have the ability to grow in this

environment of long periods of drought

they may have long roots to reach the

water table or thick bark to resist

fires trunks that can store water and

even leaves that drop during the winter

to conserve water

fires are an important part of the

savanna during the dry season fires

clear out old grasses and make way for

new growth most of the plants will

survive because they have extensive root

systems which allow them to grow back

quickly after a fire

so there we go the biome called the


large animals occasional trees and grass

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