What is the Sacrament of Baptism?

if you help with the seven sacraments

into chronological order what would be


the answer is baptism this not only

makes adoptive children of God and heirs

to heaven but also initiates us into the

Catholic Church and grants us access to

the rest of the sacraments like all

seconds baptism has three elements that

give it its unique character matter form

and minister the matter the physical

sign is water nothing can live with that

water similarly our souls need the water

of baptism to reach eternal life this

water is also a sign of the cleansing of

our souls in God's mercy any water will

do for the sacrament whether it is holy

water or even just bottled water the

form here is quite simple the words i

baptize you in the name of the Father

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

are spoken while the recipient is in

contact with the water

the minister is normally a deacon priest

or bishop this does not have to be the

case however in times of emergency

anyone can baptize now imagine you

witness a car accident

someone's been seriously injured and the

ambulance is on its way if this person

is still conscious but gravely wounded a

good question to ask is whether or not

they've been baptized if the answer is

no then with their permission you may

baptize them so that's how baptism is

performed but why do we need it is it

necessary baptism is absolutely

necessary to enter into eternal life as

it allows us entrance into the Catholic

Church by washing away original sin God

however is not bound by the sacraments

and can say through other means these

extraordinary means that God saves are

called baptism of blood and baptism of

desire baptism of blood occurs when a

person who has not been baptized by

water is martyred for their faith in

Jesus Christ

baptism love desire is when a person

through no fault of their own has never

heard of Jesus Christ or his message God

can then decide to dispense His grace

that person judging by their actions if

they would have wished for baptism had

been known of its importance so that's

baptism entrance to the church if you

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