Why is the Rule of Law Important?

the rule of law is the backbone of an

effective society of course it includes

laws legal institutions and legal

processes that guarantee fundamental

human rights and also ensure accountable

governance and access to justice for all

the mission of the American Bar

Association rule of law initiative ra da

Rowley is to promote justice economic

opportunity and human dignity through

the rule of law we do this by partnering

with local and national justice sector

actors lawyers judges prosecutors

government officials and activists to

strengthen laws and legal institutions

and expand citizens access to justice in

more than 50 countries around the world

ABA rolly efforts are concentrated in

four program areas governance and

justice system strengthening human

rights and access to justice transitions

conflict mitigation and peace building

and finally inclusive and sustainable

development several principles inform

ABA roley's work and have been the key

to our success

we work in partnership we take a

comparative and international approach

we draw on pro bono contributions of

more than 400,000 members and build a

global community of legal professionals

and finally we are focused on developing

sustainable solutions the ABA has so

much talent that it's called judges and

lawyers who care about the health and

welfare of our planet they're not people

who come to tell the other country this

is how you should do it they respond to

the need

a beer Olli helps protect vulnerable

populations in the Democratic Republic

of Congo since 2008 ABA roli supported

partners have helped many vulnerable

children obtain birth certificates which

are the legal foundation for health and

education services and protection

against child labor forcible

conscription child marriage and sexual

exploitation ABA Rowley helps counter

crime and keep communities safe with ABA

Rowley support Mekong regional

nongovernmental organizations and police

uncovered a major regional trafficking

and slavery Network leading to over a

hundred and fifty arrests ABA roller

supports the development of effective

and accountable justice sector

institutions twenty years of ABA rouille

assistance in Armenia has led to the

creation of a unified national bar and

to the establishment of the first public

defender's office in the former Soviet


ABA Rowley helps combat corruption on

December 10 2015 in port-au-prince a

Haitian judge handed down the first

high-visibility corruption conviction in

Haiti's history he attributed his

ability to resolve the myriad complex

legal issues to the assistance provided

by ABA rollies program to strengthen the

Haitian criminal justice sector

a biro Lee advances women's rights

established by ABA Roley over ten years

ago the arab women's legal network

continues to provide professional

development opportunities for women

judges and lawyers and to address

women's justice sector issues across the

region despite tremendous gains in

dozens of countries over the past twenty

five years

huge rule of law challenges remain we at

APA Rolly are committed to learning from

our past and to leading the global rule

of all movement in the future