Democracy - A short introduction

the word democracy comes from the Greek

words of demos which means people and

Kratos which means power or rule so

democracy basically means the rule of

the people democracy first started as a

direct democracy in Greek cities notably

ancient Athens where people came

together to speak about their concerns

and opinions in front of rulers of the

city-state and directly voted on new

rules and laws here is considered as the

birthplace of democracy for the very

first time decisions were made by the

people instead of rulers but sadly the

ancient Greeks did not see all people

equally slaves women children and the

people who did not have a land weren't

allowed to vote this is what we call a

flawed democracy today after the Greeks

lost their power and influence in the

first century AD their early forms of

democracy were also fading away until

the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 which

prevented the King of England to do

whatever he wanted and said that even

the king had to follow the country's

rules and laws which were written in the

Constitution today most democracies are

indirect or representative which means

that you can't vote for a new law

yourself but you can vote for people who

then become lawmakers and present your

interests but democracy isn't just about

voting it's about everything to protect

the best interests of the people no

matter what is their race gender

political opinion or religion these

interests can be human rights quality of

life infrastructure and many more modern

democracies divine power into three

different branches the legislative the

people who make the law the executive

the people who make sure that you obey

the law and the judiciary who judge you

if you commit a crime these three are

independent and work following the

process checks and balances which means

all the work must be clear and fair and

very important the people who have power

also must follow the law and not exceed

their authority

in addition a democratic government must

work in a way that reflects the wish

feeling desire and values of the society

that it governs this is also known as

the general will which is a concept

developed by the famous Swiss

philosopher jean-jacques Rousseau one of

the problems of democratic voting is

that the biggest groups of people always

have the most power and that's why a

good democracy also has laws to protect

the rights of its smaller and weaker

groups a democracy where the majority

chooses to separate expel or injure its

minority is not a functioning democracy

so what do you think now about democracy

Winston Churchill once said democracy is

the worst form of government except for

all those other forms that have been

tried from time to time do you agree