The Power of Praying the Rosary

am father mark Mary and I'm father John


we are the Franciscan friars the renewal

and this is essential while John Anthony

is with us to talk about why period the

Rosary well joining well firstly today

I'd like to do a little bit of

myth-busting and then show one of the

greatest power tools that we guys and

women as well can have in the church

right there's been 90 or more letters

written about the Rosary by Pope's Our

Lady and every one of our major

apparitions says hey take out your

rosary and pray it's your best weapon in

these days especially these days st.

Padre Pio called it his weapon he said

hey tech give me my weapon and the

brothers would bring out as a rosary

I've got a rosary right here this made

out a gunmetal in fact it's marvelous

why is it so powerful that's the the

myth is that it's somehow a mindless

repetition that's a thing for little old

blue-haired ladies and nothing more and

that's a myth it's a weapon because it

gives us direct access to the power of

Jesus Christ for us for you in your day

today well there's a few things that we

need to keep in mind one Jesus as we all

know and we've heard a million times all

those two ad nauseam if only one person

sinned he would have died for that one

person and that's a fact that's part of

our faith Jesus in his divinity also can

keep you in mind and does as if you were

the only person that ever existed not

only that every moment of your every day

of every bit of your life he has in

focus equally every moment of your life

he has an equal focus that's an amazing

concept to think about the Jewish rabbis

would say that to God one soul is an

entire universe unto itself now holding

on to that thought which is kind of big

then we think of Jesus who as a man

lived outside of time but as a man and

God that means at every moment of his

life when he was on this planet he had

you in mind not just generally but every

moment of your life in mind that means

that every moment of your life

he's thinking I'm doing this for Susie

I'm doing this for Jim I'm doing this

for Jim today in the day that he wants

to strangle his boss yeah and I got

graces for him right it's an amazing

concept to hold on to and that's what

the rosary is so powerful it's a weapon

that we can take into any situation and

and recognize that Jesus from across

2,000 years outside of time at the same

time wants to catch my eye and give me

the graces I need for the situation I am

at now when I take the Rosary in hand

and I begin to pray and meditate and I

focus on that event of 2000 years ago I

catch Jesus's eye or rather he catches

mine and said and communicates exactly

what I need in my day today and tomorrow

my day is gonna be different I can pray

the same mystery but as a different set

of Grace's that I'm getting because

tomorrow's a different day for me the

situation for tomorrow is different how

powerful is that so that's why the

Rosary I think in many ways is so

efficacious it's why it's been talked

about so much by our lady it's why it's

the tool and the weapon of this day and

age so our lady and mote and and all of

our major apparitions is inviting us and

begging us in fact to take up the rosary

every day and fight and some of her or

her mysteries she says take up the

rosary three times a day take up do

three rosaries st. Padre Pio did I think

15 full rosaries that means 15 sets of

three sets of mysteries I mean amazing

he did a lot of things at the same time

but I'll give you an example of a man I

know who took up that challenge in the

many of you may know that the name

Carlos Slim one of the wealthiest men of

the world runs neck-and-neck with Bill

Gates all the time who's the most

wealthy his son who runs all his

business his name is petruchio Slim and

I had lunch with him one day in an event

and we were talking about this challenge

that our lady gave to pray three

rosaries in a day go to Mass every day

do Lexi o Divina every day

he's like I'm Patricia Slim I have very

little time how am I going to do

three rosaries er today that's 45


I don't get it and so but then he told

me something very interesting he said I

decided to take our lady up on her

challenge she never lies so he started

building up to three rosaries a day and

he says you know what happens is when I

take this weapon in hand and I start to

pray those three rosaries a day and I

space it out throughout the day you know

one decade here one decade there each

decades maybe three minutes you spread

it out through the entire day I find

that our lady goes ahead of me and cuts

out all the interference that I would

normally have so the devil is trying to

give us interference all the time

miscommunication between people all

sorts of different kinds of things he

brings up but when we pray the three

versus a day when we catch the eye of

Jesus in those mysteries him giving us

the graces that we that he won for us

today this day through the Rosary then

it's like our lady goes through and

hacks away all that interference and

Patricia said something really

fascinating he said you know at the end

of the day when I pray the three

rosaries I finally have extra time I can

read a book that I want to read I

haven't been frustrated all day because

everything's been going against me all

day long and even if it has been I'm at

peace he says I can honestly say that if

I don't pray the three razor today or I

can honestly say that that I don't have

time not to pray three rosaries a day

that's an amazing amazing claim from one

of the wealthiest men in the world who's

got to be one of the busiest guys on the

planet and a great cafe personally your

own experience with the Rosary I don't

know why why do you preach on it so

strongly why you feel so passionately


well rosary as a convert to Catholicism

I met Catholics who knew their faith and

I was introduced to Our Lady through an

apparition sight and megaria supposed to

have fresh insight and I was introduced

to the rosary and I remember - and with

knock knees praying my first rosary


literally Lord I don't know if this is

pleasing to you or not but if it's not

don't strike me dead but if it is can

you help me with this inextricable

problem that I have and I saw that

problem just disappear like smoke before

the wind

I realized that the Lord it was pleasing

to him so I began to take up the rosary

at that time and I and I can tell you

I've seen the power of the rosary

through my life more and more and more

and more yeah my brothers and sisters

this this month we're heading into a

month dedicated to the rosary October

7th October 7 our Lady of the Rosary

which also right coincides with a big

battle battle Lepanto and yeah and if

there's a day that we're I mean I guess

always we've always been in the big

spiritual battle but we're in a big

spiritual battle again these days and as

father John Anthony mentioned like the

rosary is weapon par excellence or the

spiritual warfare that we're in so my

brothers and sisters pick it up pray

that rosary fight with us get up there

and fight get in there get in there we

thank you for watching we'll see you

again next week remember somos

peregrinos poco a poco a little by

little bumps there you go we're gonna

make it

god bless y'all peace