What Those Nasty White Chunks That Sometimes Come From Your Throat Are

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lend in the video today we're looking

what those nasty white chunks that

sometimes come from your throat are have

you ever gotten foul-smelling small

whitish chunks that you can sometimes

feel at the back of your throat when you

swallow concerned you might have some

rare disease or cancer

well don't be these are called


or tonsil stone sands are both

relatively harmless and fairly common

most people experience these little

white balls at the back of their throat

at one point or another in their

lifetime though many people don't even

know they ever had them having coughed

them up or otherwise swallowed them

without even realizing where the Deuter

never knowing they have them or these

things inherent grossest this widespread

affliction is rarely talked about and

the awareness of this is very low so

what causes tonsil stones and what are

they exactly tonsilloliths are stinky

little gobs of mucus dead cells debris

and bacteria that form in the tonsil

crypts which are simply small pockets or

divots that appear in everyone's tonsils

when the traps mark hardens via

calcification it becomes a whitish

yellow ball in the tonsil pockets they

usually appear as tiny little chunks in

the shape of a cauliflower though can

sometimes be rather large and round or

corner shapes in fact while they are

usually small the largest on record rang

in at a whopping 42 grams and

unsurprisingly this can cause discomfort

in the throat when swallowing and in

some cases uncomfortable side effects

including sore throat ear pain and

tonsillitis if this all wasn't gross

enough for you they also smell like they

could wake the dead the strong

unpleasant odor is caused by a buildup

of sulfur producing bacterium that feeds

on the tonsil stones collecting in the

crypts of the tonsils and producing such

wonderful smelling emissions as hydrogen

sulfide and methylmercaptan among other

stinky substances if you've ever had an

unexplainable bad breath that just won't

go away no matter how many times you

brush your teeth you might want to take

a close look at the back of your throat

to see if you're currently suffering

from tonsil stones as they are one of

the many causes of Hallett

or bad breath well anyone can get them

tonsil stones tend to occur most often

in people who suffer from chronic

inflammation in their tonsils or

repeated bouts of tonsillitis on the

flip side people who've had their

tonsils removed rarely experience them

so if you're wondering how to deal with

these little tonsil Nuggets there are

some effective treatments for reducing

the occurrences removing ones tonsils is

an option but not the best solution as

tonsils play an important role in your

immune system easy home treatments like

gargling salt water or non-alcoholic

mouthwash is often advised to getting

rid of them a Water Pik that emits

pulses of water is also a useful tool

for cleaning the tonsil crypts though

your mileage may vary depending on your

ability to suppress your gag reflex on

that note the simplest solution is to

use a cotton swab or toothbrush so you

can push the nasty little things out and

rinse your mouth free of them yummy so I

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