What could this swelling on the roof of my mouth be ?

what is the swelling in the roof of my

mouth patient is experiencing no pain

but there's some swelling on the inside

of his upper left first molar that's

tooth number fourteen and when he looks

at it there doesn't appear to be

anything going on but he does have a

slight taste in his mouth and it's not

sure if you should do anything or not

and so he is a call and we come in he

comes into the dental office and as you

can see the other side although there's

a lone discoloration of the gum line the

rest of it's pretty flat and it is

relatively and unremarkable though there

is a tooth colored filling where there

used to be a silver filling to see the

greatness of the silver filling that's

there but the palate in general is quite

the way it should be attached very

firmly we go back and look here and you

can see the difference where the Allen

is swelling and we take our little probe

the see of the bone is missing and this

turns out that the everything looks a

little bit okay you see it's starting to

fall it's concerned but you can see a

little bit of these plus the exudate

there and so we'll take the periodontal

probe in this lightly press on it and as

we do that because more of the E+ coming

out and then all the sudden it's come

out a fair amount we press a little bit

more and this doesn't hurt at all

if we actually have numbed up the

patient that area would be like hey a

balloon where when you add more liquid

it would expand and then it wouldn't be

painful and this is almost like blending

out air in the balloon and so we're

getting some pus out but not we press

with my finger and a little bit more but

when I come in from a different angle

in just second year you'll see a lot

more come out and there you go right

there and that comes out and we're

really training a lot of this Plus

that's there on the spit has been going

out for some time you can see how the

gum tissue is up a little platter now

and we're just trying to drain

everything possible now the question is

is what's the source of this and it

could possibly be a something caught on

right underneath the gum gum abscess but

when we went in for checking with the

periodontal probe of the readings

weren't greater than the five

millimeters it's more likely that the to

its dive the investment herb that

innervates the tooth wood we're rinsing

it off by the way right there and as you

can see the gum tissues a little bit

there and thanks to it but see how long

the Smalling is that's almost 18 years

and the bone is around that area fairly

nicely it's only about four or five

millimeters so it's really coming from

the tip of the rub and it's found its

way out there's not really a deep

filling in the tooth and this is on the

outside that seems to be doing fine so

as we're looking at this we've drained

everything we press on it a little bit

more let's see if there's any more

exudate the pus coming out there isn't

it's just a little serous fluid it's

blood and we're going to send the

patient to Rick canal specialist for

them to remove the blood vessel and

nerve and then everything should heal

and be able

just again a crowd of some sort