Red Spots on Roof of Mouth


red spots on the roof of the mouth does

not only look unsightly they can also be

a manifestation of various conditions

that need prompter adequate treatment

here are some of the causes for the

appearance of these red spots canker

sores canker sores are first developed

inside the mouth when we eat specific

foods and they come in contact with an

irritant resulting in a bump which

develops inside the cheeks or lips the

sores are quite small and look like red

bumps and sometimes these sores

transform into small spots with a

whitish formation in the center these

red spots go away gradually by using

mouthwash and also by applying analgesic

ointment tonsillitis this infection is

caused mainly by bacteria and viruses

the main symptoms of this infection are

sore throat difficulty in swallowing

swollen neck lands headache fever and

vomiting white patches tiny red spots on

the roof of mouth and also loss of voice

oral herpes oral herpes or cold sores

are caused due to herpes simplex virus

one they appear to be painful blisters

on the skin of lips or the surrounding

area of the mouth these are infection

prone and is transmittable from one

person to other these spots first appear

as grey and white in color and then it

gradually turns into red in color on the

surface of the mouth even progressing to

ulcers oral cancer this can occur on the

lips tongue cheeks teeth and tongue gums

whitish gray patches occur inside the

mouth and lips known as leukoplakia this

is basically caused by tobacco or also

by rough tooth hard food items may at

times enter the roof of your mouth these

are temporary and can be treated by

rinsing the mouth by a water mixed

insult and sucking on some ice cubes to

get some relief to recover adequately

you must eat foods which are soft easy

to chew and swallow stay away from the

citrus food as lemon tomatoes and spicy

foods candidiasis candidiasis also

causes red spots inside the mouth it is

basically caused by an overgrowth of

fungal infections this is common among

diabetic patients here white patches are

formed inside the mouth red spots and

bumps are also grown on the roof of the


petechia it happens when the vessels of

the skin is ruptured the main symptoms

of this disease is bleeding disorder

excess pressure on the blood capillaries

which causes purple colored tiny dots on

the surface of the skin coxsackievirus

infection this disease caused by a virus

can range from mild to dangerous red

spots are grown in the roof of the mouth

and lips apart from this it also

develops on the foot and hands these red

spots are painful it is prevalent among

the children who are under five years of

age and people with weak immune systems

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