Home Treatment for Burns on the Roof of Your Mouth!1

home treatment for burns on the roof of

your mouth is gulping a hot cup of

coffee or a bite of a hot pizza sliced

just out from the oven making you feel

uncomfortable do you experience that

sharp burning sensation when you put out

her cold food in your mouth this is the

consequence of burned roof of mouth

since the hard palate of the mouth is

delicate and is made of only millimeters

thick tissue it is easily susceptible to

burns or soreness by consuming extremely

hot or cold foods these burns are

referred to as the first degree burn

which is normal and requires no special

medical treatment although it's a normal

concern almost faced by every individual

in their lifetime but the swelling

dryness inflammation and pain can be

quite discomforting for alleviating the

pain and soothing the symptoms there are

a few effective home treatments for

burns on the roof of your mouth these

home remedies are inexpensive and simple

for providing an instant relief home

treatment for burns on the roof of your

mouth one baking soda remedy burned

mouth can cause immense pain while

eating anything spicy you're hot until

the soreness is treated or completely

cured to treat this condition one of the

easiest remedies is using baking soda

baking soda is a natural alkalizing

property that alleviates the pain and

soreness in the mouth instantly

ingredients baking soda as required

water one to two drops directions one

take baking soda in the small bowl two

then add in a drop or two of water into

the baking soda and mix well 3 apply

this pasty baking soda mix on the palate

her roof of your mouth gently 4 leave on

the application for 4 to 5 minutes 5

later rinse the mouth with plain water 6

this process can be repeated 3 times a

day for 2 to 3 days or until mouth Byrne

is completely healed to salt water

remedy mouth burns though are a common

concern amongst people but it cannot be

ignored as sometimes the burns can cause

infection to prevent and treat the burns


salt and water combination works

effectively in healing the soreness

ingredients salt 1 tbp s water 1 glass

directions 1 take a glass of water and

heat it to a lukewarm temperature 2 then

add in 1 tablespoon of salt in lukewarm

water 3 stir well until the salt is

dissolved completely 4 then take a sip

of this salt infused water and swish

around in the mouth for 30 seconds to 1

minute 5 this process can be repeated 2

to 3 times a day for one to two days for

easing the burning sensation and

swelling in mouth burn condition 3

honey mouthwash remedy one of the most

effective and convenient home treatment

for burns on the roof of your mouth is

honey this nature derived sweetener is

medically proven to heal any kinds of

burns faster honey contains

antibacterial and skin soothing

properties which help in treating the

burns instantly on application

ingredients honey 1 tablespoon

directions 1 put 1 tablespoon of raw

organic honey in your mouth

to swish the honey in your mouth for 30

to 50 seconds before swallowing the

honey 3 this process can be repeated 2

to 3 times a day for one to two days or

until the roof of mouth burners yield