Stop Itchy Gums

how to stop itching gums having itchy

gums can be a very irritating experience

especially if you don't know the cause

itchy gums can be the sign of many

different oral conditions including

allergies gum disease or even a dry

mouth one stop the itching using home

remedies to relieve inflammation and see

your dentist to diagnose and treat oral

diseases or conditions using home


rinse your mouth with cool water rinse

out your mouth with cool or cold water

rinsing may get rid of any debris that

is causing your gums to itch and help

soothe inflammation and swelling try and

rinse with filtered or bottled water you

could be allergic to something in your

water and that is causing your itchy


suck on some ice suck on a piece of ice

if your gums are itchy the cold can numb

the discomfort and reduce any

inflammation associated with itchy gums

try popsicles or other frozen foods if

you don't like ice cubes allow the ice

to melt which can keep your oral cavity

hydrated and may prevent further itching

gargle with salt water depending on the

source of your itchy gums gargling with

some salt water can relieve itchiness

rinse with salt water until your gums

stop itching mix one tablespoon of salt

in glass of warm water gargle a mouthful

for about 30 seconds concentrating on

your gums spit out the water when you're

finished 5 avoid swallowing the mixture

and don't use it for more than 7 to 10



swish a hydrogen peroxide solution mix a

solution of hydrogen peroxide and water

the solution may minimize any itchiness

or associated inflammation mix 3%

hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount

of water eight rinse with the mixture

for 15 to 30 seconds and spit it out

when you're done 9 avoid using hydrogen

peroxide for longer than 10 days 10 you

can also try rinsing your mouth with bee

propolis liquid though this may stain

your teeth add 6 to 10 drops into a

glass of water and rinse for one minute

before spitting out the solution

make a baking soda paste mix baking soda

and water to form a paste then apply it

to your gums the paste may control any

bacterial infections causing your gums

to itch spoon one tablespoon of baking

soda with a few drops of filtered or

bottled water add small amounts of water

until the mixture makes a thick paste

consider trying a mixture of baking soda

and hydrogen peroxide 12

dibond aloe vera recent studies have

shown that aloe vera can help with

inflammation due to oral conditions dab

some on your itchy gums to help relieve

the condition toothpastes and

mouthwashes gels which you can mix with

water and drink or dab directly on your

gums topical sprays juices which you can

swish around

limit spicy and acidic foods consider

limiting foods and drinks that may make

any itchiness or inflammation worse

limit or avoid spicy and acidic foods or

tobacco be aware of trigger foods that

make your itchiness worse these may be

the signal of an aural allergy is the

cause of your itchy gums 16 eat foods

that won't make the itchiness worse try

yogurt and ice cream which make cool and

soothe your gums foods and drinks like

tomatoes lemons orange juice and coffee

may make your itching or any

inflammation worse 17 stay away from

tobacco products which might be the

source of your itching or make it worse

reduce stress levels studies have shown

that psychological stress can contribute

to periodontal disease reducing the

stress in your life may help relieve

itching gums avoid stressful situations

whenever you can exercise and gentle

activities can minimize stress