Vin Diesel Is The Reason The Rock Isn't In Fast And Furious 9


you can't spell The Fast and the Furious

franchise without furious and that's

exactly how these two stars feel about

each other

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson just

couldn't get along when they work

together and it may have affected the

fate of the franchise don't talk like


but why is there so much animosity

between them is that even street racing

and over-the-top action sequences can't

cheer them up we'll talk about the real

reason the rock isn't going to be an f9

and whether he and Vin Diesel will ever

share a screen again I was hoping you'd

say that

on the surface it's hard to imagine why

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson wouldn't

be friends or at the very least co-stars

surely they'd be able to bond over their

undoubtably intense workout routines and

share their secrets to getting their

heads so silky smooth but alas Vin

Diesel went ahead and disapproved our

theory that everyone likes the rock in

order to understand just what went wrong

between these two we need to look at

where they were at the first time they

got together on a movie set I don't

remember him

the Vin Diesel grew up as a big Dungeons

& Dragons loving nerd and we say that

term with all due love affection and to

be honest no small amount of solidarity

he discovered a refuge in theater and

struggled to get his big break as an

actor in Hollywood Diesel always

believed that he was destined to be a

movie star but his conviction took quite

a while to come true but when it did boy

oh boy it seemed like he was in every

single action movie for a while although

he clearly wasn't hurting for work he

became known for his involvement in the

Fast and the Furious franchise and the

fact that he wasn't in the widely panned

too fast too furious just showed how

invaluable he and his character Dom

Toretto is to the movies finally diesel

had found his niche and achieved a level

of success he always believed himself

capable of not only that but he became

close with his co-stars particularly

Paul Walker tragically Walker perished

in an unrelated car accident while

filming Furious 7 and then we have

Dwayne Johnson and while we are not

going to try to quantify who had an

easier time of becoming famous he was

already a big name by the time he

appeared in the franchise everyone knew

him as the rock his wrestling persona

but he

eager to make a name for himself as an

actor when he found his way into the

Fast & Furious franchise refine the

profession even the most ardent fans

have to admit that some of the movies

are certainly better than others and by

the time Fast Five came around the

public's interest in the franchise was

waning so Dwayne Johnson came in to save

the day and was widely credited with

renewing everyone's interest and saving

the franchise as you can imagine that

did not go over well with Vin Diesel who

was once the person credited with its

success there were tons of rumors

swirling around that Diesel was

resentful of Johnson's swooping in to

save the day and that the two of them

just couldn't get along behind the

scenes fans heard that Johnson was

frequently late to set while Diesel's

ego often got in the way of producing

the movie supposedly the two were

frequently arguing with one another and

by the time the fate of the Furious

rolled around they refused to film

scenes together now these kinds of

Hollywood rumors are a dime a dozen

but don't dismiss them so easily both

diesel and Johnson have made comments

revealing that there's definitely some

truth to these allegations and these

comments were not subtle although he

didn't name names Johnson once posted on

Instagram quote some conduct themselves

as stand-up men and true professionals

while others don't end quote

at least that's the only portion of the

post we can include in this video due to

some colorful language yeah he added

that in many of the scenes where his

character is acting angry that's not

acting it doesn't take a detective to

figure out he was clearly talking about

Vin Diesel TMZ reported that these

social media posts prompted a meeting

between the two stars who made a valiant

attempt to squash the beef between them

supposedly tensions were so high on set

that the cast was struggling to complete

their scenes although we can't say what

happened during the meeting a couple of

days later Johnson made a post about

family having different beliefs and how

conflict can sometimes be a good thing

that leads to greater understanding but

apparently it wasn't as peaceful as it

appeared a few days later he made a post

specifically thanking everyone in the

fast family except fervent diesel

Michelle Rodriguez who plays Letty Ortiz

confirmed that the

two stars feuded while working on the

franchise during an interview with

People magazine but she made it clear

that she wanted to stay out of the drama

despite this many fans got the

impression that the majority of the cast

was firmly on diesel side Tyrese Gibson

and Ludacris shared photos of themselves

with diesel while they were working on

the fate of the furious Gibson even

wrote a post talking about how his

relationship with diesel made him a

better man and father and has been a

huge source of strength he added that he

wished people knew just how hard diesel

worked on the franchise and how much of

his heat he put into the project

Ludacris didn't caption his pic with

anything juicy but he did obviously

share a cast photo that excluded Johnson

Dwayne Johnson said that he believed the

issues between himself and diesel helped

to the franchise since it got people

talking about it where these fast and

furious co-stars just trying to add fuel

to the fire or was there a real schism

at play here

that's not possible eventually even

diesel weighed in on it although he

chose his language much more carefully

than Johnson during an interview with

USA Today

he stated that in a weird way he and

Johnson are actually pretty close

however he described their relationship

as difficult since they're both alphas

he admitted that some things may have

been blown out of proportion and at the

time he felt Johnson didn't appreciate

all the hard work he had put into the

franchise at one point he posted a video

on Instagram during which he promised to

spill all of the tea regarding the

situation with Johnson but unfortunately

for drama loving fans that never

happened overall it was definitely

Johnson who blatantly weighed in on the

situation although he did agree with

diesel on some points Johnson echoed a

similar sentiment to Entertainment

Tonight admitting that they had

different philosophies he confirmed what

many had suspected which was that he and

diesel didn't film any scenes together

when working on the fate of the furious

Johnson also came clean about the

confrontation TMZ had reported on and

admitted that it did happen and was

important he said that this interaction

made it clear that he and diesel simply

have fundamental differences between

them regarding the way they approach

moviemaking and collaborating Johnson

said that regardless of whether they

ever share screen time again he's

grateful for the clarity they achieved

through their discussions so it's safe

to say that they

were downright ugly on the set of the

fate of the Furious even though the cast

and crew got through it and talks were

had it was clear that Johnson working

apart from the rest of the crew would be

a much better idea that's the reason we

ended up with the Fast and Furious

spin-off Hobson Shaw

not only was diesel not in the movie but

Johnson had the opportunity to be one of

the producers himself but we got rid of

that fun sponge we get to work but not

everyone was happy about Johnson still

being involved in the franchise even if

he wasn't sharing screen time with Vin

Diesel Tyrese Gibson stepped up his

social media posting and this time he

didn't settle for being vague or just

hyping up his respect for diesel he

straight up said that he would not be

open to returning for a ninth Fast &

Furious movie if Johnson was in any way

involved he called Johnson a clown and

invited him to spin off a part of his

Anatomy we can't mention on this channel

the post also included some allegations

of the rock threatening his relationship

with his daughter so let's explain that

at the time Gibson was involved in a

serious custody battle over his then

ten-year-old daughter Shayla

on a photo of himself and director Lee

Daniels he accused Johnson of pitching

the idea of Hobbes and Shaw and signed

on to the project without considering

the rest of the cast

according to Gibson he was hoping for

income from the franchise to help pay

his legal fees and was furious about

Johnson going off on his own he even

posted an emotional video claiming that

he had privately asked to Johnson not to

proceed with Hobbes and Shaw because of

how it would impact the rest of the cast

Gibson called Johnson a selfish champ

and accused him of completely lacking

compassion so it's clear that Ben diesel

and Dwayne Johnson working together

didn't go well it also seems like a lot

of cast members had issues with Johnson

or at the very least felt more loyalty

towards diesel Gibson apparently

believed that if the Hobbs and Shaw

spin-off didn't happen we would have

seen a ninth Fast & Furious movie much

earlier but we have no way of knowing if

that's true as to whether or not it was

selfish of Johnson to accept the role

well we'll let you come to your own

conclusions on that why the hell would

you create something like that but let's

not forget about the fate of the Furious

for a minute and talk about the fate of

the franchise we all know that the movie

f9 is finally coming out and that Dwayne

Johnson's character is not going to be

making an appearance by this point the


hopefully you've figured out why but

what about the few well these two ever

work together in the future and have we

seen the last of Hobbs after Hobbs and

Shah wrapped up filming Johnson posted a

video of himself thanking his fans and

co-stars and giving a shout-out to Vin

Diesel he called him brother VIN and

thanked him for supporting the movie it

seemed to be a genuinely heartfelt

message and Johnson thanked diesel for

inviting him into the franchise and said

that he hoped his involvement had helped

elevate it we already know that there

will be a tenth Fast & Furious movie

although details are sparse at the

moment according to Diesel he's been

planning it since before production

began on f9 we know that Johnson isn't

in f9 but it remains to be seen if he

will be involved in the final film after

all the drama has definitely cooled down

since it started but it seems like

diesel and Johnson just have fundamental

differences that make working together

difficult and many fans doubt that's

something that will ever change Plus

diesel has said that there will be more

spin-offs including one with a female

lead character it's possible that while

Johnson won't appear in f9 we will get

to see him in the Fast and Furious

universe again fans of the franchise

will just have to wait to find out what

do you think about the feud between

these two stars are you hoping to see

their characters interact in a future

movie or are you fine with them staying

far apart let us know what you think in

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