"Everyone has the right to a nationality!"

I was born in Congo as a jewel national

my mom is from Congo and my dad is

Rwandan we had an ordinary life

what are 15 both of my parents got

arrested on allegations of spying I went

into hiding but feeling threatened every

day I fled to Holland my asylum

application was rejected but the Dutch

authorities were unable to remove me

from the country my only option was to

try to apply for a Dutch temporary

residence permit during this process I

realized I lost both my Congolese and

Rwandan nationality

I was stateless Congolese people with

dual nationality have to choose one when

they turned 18 I was never aware of this

Rwanda refused to accept me as a citizen

because I hadn't been born or lived

there both countries refused to provide

me with any identity documents without

which I couldn't obtain the Dutch

residence permit now 12 years later I am

stuck in the same situation there's no

solution in sight I can't study or move

my life forward I wish I could start a

family instead I feel isolated and


Sara's case is far from unique 600,000

stateless people live in Europe today

including many migrants stuck in limbo

they urgently require our protection

these individuals remain vulnerable to

human rights abuses every day from

destitution to detention the European

network on statelessness is calling on

European states to put in place

functioning procedures to identify

stateless persons offer them a residence

permit and a chance to rebuild their

lives join the cause and sign our


WW statelessness EU