what I think equality is important for

us all we all want to fail valued we all

want to feel that we are as good as the

next man and that we're going to be

treated as well as the next man that

blue body is getting preferential

treatment and that's why quality is

important for a rule self-esteem for us

to believe that we are contributing and

communities but that also that the thing

that we are being given back to and

communities we only do how human rights

we need to have the right day go to

school or get a job and have her own

opinion people really have to love as

equals there's some people right there

who talk about equality this inequality

that and shared societies but really

when it comes down to it you know they

don't practice what they preach and I

think true equality means that everybody

has an equal chance human rights you may

make the right date life and education

employment and religion is about people

being treated the same unfair date like

different religions are I've casted in

different ways and different societies

and stuff like travelers or Polish

people or people who aren't white or

people who aren't Protestant a fragment

they be like putting like a certain

stereotype and everyone would gin

definitely well we should all we should

all respect each other suggestions and

we should all because were all human

beings we should be a quality across the

board there regardless of of course

religious persuasion or political

background well that's well that's one

of the key things there should be no


well equality is always an important and

that's just as important today as it

always was I think it we've gotten to

position where we have from each section

the community in the niceness universe

saying there needs to be equality but we

should never been at that stage because

even as far as creating getting

employment that's had been the best

person gets a job irrespective of their

religion equality think improving

but it's not as good as it could be

because there's still a long way to go

equality is important because of people

do not feel part of and have equal rates

then they are not going to play a full

part on the well-being of our society

because everybody has to have their same

that's wrong to exclude anybody from