Brain Tumor Symptom: Facial Numbness

everyone so recently on my channel I've

been getting questions about some of the

symptoms I experienced regarding my

brain tumor so I thought today I would

do a quick video about one of the

symptoms that I experienced which was

facial numbness facial numbness I

experienced was actually pretty limited

I only experienced it two or three times

at most it wasn't a symptom that I

experienced on a regular basis by any

means when I would have the facial

numbness I only had it really in the

left side of my face and particularly in

my cheeks the numbness I went through

wasn't so severe than if I smiled only

half of my face would smile in the other

one part would droop kind of like when

you're when somebody is having a stroke

it wasn't to that extent the numbness

that I experienced is really a tingling

sensation in the left side of my cheeks

and it really wasn't with that the type

of numb is that when you smile that half

of your side half of your face droops

and the other half is fine kind of like

when had somebody's having a stroke it

wasn't like that at all it was more of

just a tingling sensation and if I

touched my face or if I touched my

cheeks I could tell the difference

between the right side of my face and

the left side of the face meaning that

if I touch the left side of my face I

noticed that there was less sensation

there than there was on the right side

so it's basically that's basically what

it was it wasn't anything dramatic I

guess really what I'm getting at the

best analogy that I can come up with

with the tingling sensation that I

experienced was like if you've ever

eaten large quantities of meat and I say

meat specifically because this is the

context of life I've experienced it in

where you just you eat a ton of meat in

a short period of time but what ends up

happening is the blood in your body

rushes to your stomach to process and

digest all that food and so as a result

what ends up happening is that some of

your extremities end up not getting the

necessary amounts of blood that they

need and as a result you end up

experiencing a tingling sensation maybe

in the tips of your fingers or

maybe even actually your face which like

which I've experienced before and that

is the most similar experience that I

can relate my facial numbness to so

going back to my brain tumor when I

think what was going on in my head

causing the facial numbness was the cyst

was growing in my brain pushing my brain

out towards the skull which summit which

must have pressed on a vein or an artery

or something inside my my head basically

that was cutting off the blood

circulation flowing somewhere in my head

down to my face and as a result of that

lack of blood circulation towards my

face that's what was giving me that

tingling sensation now in regards to how

often I felt a tingling sensation I

honestly can't put it put a number on it

I think that it was really in the last

maybe two months before I ended up in

the emergency room that I started

experiencing a tingling sensation and it

wasn't there was not a daily it was not

a daily occurrence and I don't even know

how long it lasted I cannot remember and

when I would experience it it would

basically be there and eventually I

would ignore it to the point to where I

didn't even notice it anymore and what I

think what would happen was I would

eventually go to sleep for the night and

when I woke up in the morning it wasn't

there anymore so sometime during the

night something happened to where blood

was able to flow again and the blows it

would come back to my cheeks but that's

basically what it was like for me now if

you find that you yourself we're having

these similar tingling sensations slash

facial numbness and either one side of

your or your face or maybe even both

sides please get yourself checked out

this is not something that's normal that

just happens there's a reason why this

stuff happens and unfortunately when

you're dealing with the brain something

is probably wrong

do yourself a favor that I didn't do for

myself which is go get checked out go

get a cat scan

and talk to your doctor get an MRI do

what you need to do to figure out

exactly what's going on so you and your

doctor can come up with the best plan to

resolve the situation I know it can be a

pain going to the doctor and all that

stuff but believe me in the end peace of

mind is everything

so are you experiencing any facial

numbness if so leave me comments down

below I'd really like to hear about your

experience on what you are or have been

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see you guys next time