Right-Side CHEST PAIN (What it Means) 13 Causes

any chest pain can be concerning even


but what if it's on the right side of

your chest is that

dangerous can you safely ignore that

no no this video is going to help you

understand right sided chest pain

and when to freak out and when to relax

most people think chest pain is only

dangerous if it's in the middle

or on the left side of your chest if it

radiates down your left arm

or if you're a man the truth is that

heart disease is the leading killer in

both men and women

and so everybody needs to take chest


seriously and understand the different

kinds and what they mean

i'm dr ken berry a family physician with

20 years of clinical experience

six of those years being in the

emergency department

and so i think i can really help you

understand right sided

chest pain what's it mean and at the end

of this video i'm going to tell you

13 causes of right-sided chest pain

that will help you understand this

malady better any chest pain that's

sudden and severe

in onset you need to immediately


emergency medical services if the chest

pain is accompanied by

shortness of breath by very fast heart


by loss in consciousness or a change in

consciousness difficulty breathing

breakout in a cold sweat any of these

things you need to activate ems


and not take a chance on that but what

if you're just having

right-sided pain and none of these other

symptoms and maybe it's not too severe

what could it possibly

be here's the list of what your

right-sided chest pain could possibly be

number one is anxiety or a panic attack

if you've never had one of these before

then you're not really

aware of how severe they can be and how

much you can feel like

you're going to die they can be pain

anywhere in the chest but definitely in

the right side as well

if this is your first panic attack you

probably should activate

ems just to be certain if you've had

these panic attacks before then you may

be able to use some box breathing

or some cognitive behavioral therapy to

break your panic attack

uh medication is always a third option

number two is trauma if you

if you whacked yourself on the right

side of the chest yesterday

and now you're having pain in the right

side of your chest then yeah duh

it's probably from the trauma uh


chest pain on the right side is usually

identifiable by being able to touch

where it hurts ooh it hurts right there

or if you cough or sneeze it hurts right

where you whacked yourself yesterday

that's that's probably something you can

ignore number three is a muscle strain

so if you did some

a really strenuous workout yesterday or

you moved your furniture

then you might have pulled a rib muscle

which can be exquisitely

painful again it's going to be

replicated by touching the area

or if you take a deep breath or cough

it's going to hurt right there

where you pull the muscle number four is

acid reflux or heartburn

typically you think this is going to

hurt right in the middle but it can hurt

on either side of your chest

and for people who've never had it

before it can for all the world

seem like a heart attack if this is your

first time having it you should probably

activate ems just to be

safe number five is a gallbladder attack

or a liver problem uh your gall your


sits right underneath the right side of

your diaphragm

your gallbladder sits right underneath

that you can have exquisite

right chest or right shoulder pain from

a gallbladder or

liver issue some of these issues

are life-threatening and so if this pain

is severe

activate ems number six is pancreatitis

which is an inflammation or infection of

your pancreas

the pancreas is on the left upper side

of the abdomen but the tail does come


sometimes passing the midline and you

can sometimes have

pain in the right chest from an attack

of pancreatitis

obviously life-threatening activate ems

number seven is shingles

and so shingles is a is a reactivation

of the chickenpox virus

and you can have it anywhere on your

body but if you're having a flare-up of

shingles on the right side of your chest

it's going to follow your ribs kind of

all the way around it's going to be a

prickly burning

pain that you can sort of touch but not

really it's not dangerous

at all but it can mimic a much more


uh inside the chest condition so i

wouldn't blame you if you activate

activated ems

for your first attack of shingles on the

right side of your chest

number eight is pleurisy this is an

inflammation usually sometimes an


of the outer lining that covers your

your lung

uh this almost always is gonna hurt when

you take a deep breath or cough

when you're sitting very still and not

and holding your breath it usually

doesn't hurt very much

hard to tell if you're not a medical

professional so i wouldn't blame you if

you activated ems for your first flare

up of pleurisy

number nine is pneumonia if you have

pneumonia in your right lung you can

have quite severe

chest pain on the right side it's almost

always going to be accompanied by fever

and coughing productive sputum

shortness of breath ems is not out of

the question if you have pneumonia

number 10 is a pneumothorax this is

actually where

your lung collapses if your right lung


you're going to have severe pain and

immediate onset of shortness of breath

activate ems this is very common uh well

it's not very common it's very rare

actually but it's most common

in young men almost always it's someone

who's still

dumb enough to be still smoking so if

you're a smoker and you're a young guy

or if you're any any age or any gender

and you have immediate onset chest pain

and shortness of breath activate ems

number 11 is pericarditis or

myocarditis this is an inflammation or

an infection

in the lining of the muscle of your


this is going to kind of come on slowly

usually after you've had a

upper respiratory infection and you can

have quite severe

shortness of breath chest pain it could

be on the right left or in the middle

ems should be activated if you have this

number 12 is a pulmonary

embolism and depending on which lung

this happens in

and how big the embolism is you can have

severe chest pain even on the right side

it's always going to be accompanied by

shortness of breath and an impending

feeling that you're going to die

and you might die if you don't activate

ems very quickly for a pulmonary


number 13 is castrocondritis

and this is a poorly understood


of the cartilage and and the rib uh

matrix and it can be pretty severe pain

and if you've never had chest pain in

your life then you don't know really

what severe chest pain feels like

costochondritis can come after an upper

respiratory infection it can come after

uh the day after a hard day of working

moving boxes

working out but it's almost always

accompanied with

a very sharp very pointable you can say

oh it's right there

when i take a deep breath or cough or

touch it it hurts

that's probably castrochondritis i hope

this video has helped you understand

your right side of chest pain better

as an old er doctor i will again

caution you if in doubt activate

emergency medical services

even at 3 am as an er doctor i

never faulted someone for calling the

ambulance for having chest pain if it's

your first bout of chest pain you have

no idea

what's a heart attack what's a pulmonary

embolism what's a collapse long you

don't know

call ems and let your er doctor sort it

out and if they get upset with you for

activating ems

then that's his or her problem not yours

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