Why is the resurrection of Jesus important to Christianity?

talk about the importance of the

resurrection if Jesus bones were found

in a grave what does that mean to

Christianity well in short form it means

that the message that the church

preached was a complete fabrication in

lie and the idea that there is a bodily

resurrection after death goes under

because Jesus's bones are still there

and they had no concept of a spiritual

resurrection we're just part of you went

up and was recreated by God resurrection

is preached was always the idea that the

entire person was renewed by God in was

made eternal yeah

the Apostle Paul actually said you could

walk away from Christianity if you don't

have a physical bodily resurrection of

Jesus Christ from the grave in fact he

said in first Corinthians 15:14 if

Christ has not been raised your faith is

worthless you're still in your sins and

those who died as Christians that as

those who fall asleep in Christ are lost

and further if only in this life we hope

in Christ were to be pitied more than

all men that's correct and so this is a

central claim that is associated with

this find if Jesus's bones were around

after three days then that message has

been nullified