Respiratory System - How The Respiratory System Works

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Brian here again and in this video we

are going to look at the respiratory

system we're going to look at the

functions of the respiratory system its

components how the system works and some

things you can do to maintain a healthy

respiratory system so let's roll the

respiratory systems main functions

include transporting air into and out of

the lungs protecting the body against

harmful particles that are inhaled and

its most important function the exchange

of oxygen and carbon dioxide so it's

basically about breathing now let's take

a look at a diagram and we'll go through

the respiratory systems main components

starting here with the nose and nasal

cavity the mouth or oral cavity the

pharynx is here and it is what we

consider the throat the pharynx is

considered part of the digestive system

as well as the respiratory system and it

connects the respiratory openings to the

larynx and esophagus the esophagus is

not part of the respiratory system and

I'll get to why I put it in the diagram

in a minute next we have the larynx

which is also called the voice box

because the vocal cords are located here

the trachea also called the windpipe is

here and it connects to the bronchi

which merge into smaller tubes called

bronchioles and the bronchioles

connected tiny air sacs called alveoli

and then down here is the diaphragm now

let's go through a very basic look at

what happens during the breathing

process so air is breathed in through

the nose or mouth when it enters through

the nose it gets spread out by these

shelf-like things here called khaki the

khaki helps you middle fight the air and

trap some inhaled particles they also

warm the air the air next passes through

the pharynx and enters the trachea one

note here this little flap like

structure is called the epiglottis and

it has an important function during

breathing it is pointed upward allowing

air flow into the trachea however during

swallowing it folds down to prevent food

from going into the trachea directing

the food into the esophagus if food does

enter the trachea the gag reflex is

induced to protect the respiratory

system the epiglottis here this

thing shows you how amazing the human

body is anyways back to airflow so air

continues down the trachea and enters

the bronchi from there it enters into

smaller bronchioles and finally into the

alveoli which are surrounded by a

network of capillaries and this folks is

where the magic happens

oxygen enters the alveolar sac and the

gas exchange occurs capillaries give up

their waste carbon dioxide and pick up

oxygen carbon dioxide has been exhaled

through the air passage the oxygen was

inhaled through and the oxygen picked up

by the Blood returns to the heart during

this breathing process the diaphragm is

busy as well contracting as we breathe

in which allow the lungs to expand and

relaxing as we exhale some minor

respiratory disorders include the common


influenza acute bronchitis which is

inflammation of the bronchi and

pneumonia which is inflammation of the

bronchioles and a viola some of the more

damaging disorders include chronic

bronchitis where the bronchi become

inflamed and narrowed mainly caused by

tobacco smoke and fizzy m'a where the

alveoli become overstretched and lung

cancer which in almost nine out of ten

cases is caused by tobacco smoke what

can you do to maintain or improve

respiratory system health maintain a

healthy weight excess weight compresses

respiratory muscles and puts more stress

on your lungs drink plenty of water

dehydration can cause the mucous lining

your Airways to thicken and become

sticky making you more susceptible to

illness consume foods rich in vitamins

minerals and antioxidants such as fruits

veggies and nuts which can help reduce

inflammation and fight oxidative damage

limit exposure to common allergens such

as dust mites pollen and animal dander

maintain good hygiene many respiratory

viruses are transmitted because of bad

hygiene and poor hand-washing don't over

consume alcohol it dehydrates the body

and weakens the immune system get more

active regular aerobic activity can help

your respiratory system

add indoor plants plants have been shown

to help improve air quality bottom line

time as you can see the respiratory

system has a major impact on overall

health as you may already know breathing

is kind of important so eat a healthy

diet maintain an active lifestyle and

keep up good hygiene remember folks be

happy and be healthy all right if you

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