Why RESEARCH is Important - 4 REASONS You NEED To Do It!

what's up YouTube today we are going to

talk about research I did a lot of

questions about research and my thoughts

on research and if research is necessary

to land a competitive specialty like

interventional radiology for instance so

on today's video I figured I'd touch on

research and give you guys four tips or

four reasons why I think research is a

good idea let's get into it


all right so let's first dive into the

charting outcomes in the match us

allopathic seniors national resident

matching program this is data from 2018

this is the most recent data we have on

the residency match so let's go to chart

8 which is the mean number of research

experiences of US allopathic seniors and

the next chart which is abstracts

presentations and publications of us

allopathic seniors all right so this is

chart number 8 this is the mean number

of research experiences for med students

going into residency so the blue is

matched and the green is unmatched and

as you can see here most people who

matched especially in some of the

competitive specialties had research or

research experiences so for instance

dermatology almost all of them who

matched had at least five research

experiences and there were also a lot of

unmatched who also had research

experiences which goes to show how

important it is to have research in

these fields also if you take a look at

interventional radiology which was the

most competitive field in the match last

year in the 2018 match you have 4.4

research experiences for those med

students and the unmatched three had

about 3.8 research experiences and then

compare that with the diagnostic

radiology which was three point seven

and 3.2 respectively so now if we go to

the next chart this shows basically

breaks down the mean number of abstracts

presentations and publications of all

the med students who matched again let's

look at interventional radiology which

was the most competitive field in the

match during this year and last year so

here we had a mean number of abstracts

presentations and publications of 8.4

for IR and people who did not match had

a mean of 7.3 so diagnostic radiology

had 6.0 average number of abstracts

presentations and publications versus

the unmatched of four just below for

dermatology which is another very

competitive field notoriously

competitive have 14.7 number of

abstracts presentations and publications

so you can see here that

all this stuff is extremely important

especially if you're matching in to a

very competitive field such as

dermatology interventional radiology

diagnostic radiology plastic surgery

orthopedic surgery all those kind of

fields so for those of you who don't

have access to this data there's simple

public data that's found on the Internet

I'll put a link in my description below

just so you guys can check it out it's

actually very good when you're applying

for residences so I was actually on the

lower end of this chart even though I

still matched so I think I had like

three maybe three publications one was

like a presentation one was a or two

were I think case presentations in a

journal and I was on some research I

think as well I can't even remember at

this point but I still matched so

research isn't everything on your

application but it definitely helps and

it doesn't look bad if you don't have

research but it definitely looks way

better if you do have research if that

makes any sense at all now one thing I

haven't mentioned here about having

research on your application is that

it's an excellent talking point during

an interview especially if you are

somebody who isn't really good at

carrying on small conversations or small

talk it's good to be able to discuss

your research and even more so the

interviewer can actually ask you

questions about your research and kind

of facilitate that conversation and keep

it going going along with that topic is

you better know your research if you did

eight research presentations or whatnot

you better know all of them cold because

the interviewer will ask you about them

and you are expected to know about them

otherwise it makes you look even worse

during the interview


so these second reason you should do

research is because it builds

connections it affords you connections

with colleagues and mentors that you may

not have had access to if you didn't do

research my own personal experience is

whenever I had a paper or an idea to

have published I would approach from one

of my attendings and talk to them about

the topic we would have multiple

meetings about how we would go about

presenting this topic and what journal

to try to target you'll end up spending

a lot of time with your mentor and

getting to know them very well which

comes into play later on when you're

trying to get in the residency say for

instance that same attendant who you

worked with on your research project

knows you very well and will have you in

mind when they're going through

applications for residency unless you're

like not good to work with or something

going further with this topic when you

are going to these places to present

your research you get to know a lot of

different people in your field for

example an interventional radiology

conferences like the Society of

interventional radiology meeting which

is in a different location every year a

ton of different private practice and

academic IR people go there and it's at

these conferences where you get to

mingle and meet other people in your

field and develop those connections over

time and the more conferences you go to

you start seeing these people more and

more and you become closely connected

and a lot of times you end up becoming

friends with a lot of people in the same



so the third reason you should do

research is because you have the

opportunity to do something novel and

put your name in front of it the reason

we got into medicine in the first place

is to make a difference in people's

lives and there's arguably no better way

to do that then create your own research

and have that research come to light we

have the ability to come up with new and

innovative ideas that can change the

face of medicine and change the way we

practice medicine that's the beauty of

research medicine is still a relatively

new field and there is still so much to

discover the fourth reason you should do

research is because you get to go to

cool places like I said before the

Society of interventional radiology is

in a different location every single

year I've been to the conference in

Atlanta and I will hopefully be going to

the one in Seattle this coming year in

2020 and this is not the only conference

that changes every single year some of

the larger conferences tend to do this

and let's not forget there are a ton of

different conferences in Europe and Asia

as well and you will get many many

emails about them my program gives us a

total of four days off for conferences

but the catch is you have to be a first

author on some sort of research in order

to be able to take these days off and

yes they do pay for all the travel and

hotel expenses while you're there and

give you a stipend for food so it

actually works out I mean if I wanted to

I could go to say Barcelona for a four

or five day trip and have almost all my

expenses paid for and get to experience

a cool city and also meet other

colleagues from across the globe so that

concludes my four reasons why I think

you should do research I'm gonna leave

you guys with a question because I'm

going to start doing a question at the

end of every video I do because I get a

ton of questions in my DMS and on

YouTube daily so I figured I'd at least

address one per video and then I'll

eventually get to a Q&A

further down the road alright so the

first question is the Instagram if you

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out right here so this is hate actually

need I've been wondering what your

workout evening routine is like I worry

that I'll be too stressed to find time

to work out if I get accepted into med

school I just want to know how you

stayed active and healthy

Thanks so staying healthy in med school

is super tough because you are

constantly hitting the books but you

have to stay very regimented and on top

of everything because there are some

days where you won't be able to work out

and in those days you have to make sure

you're always eating healthy if you

maintain a healthy diet you can kind of

go a few days without working out and

still be fine but you also need to make

sure you hit the gym a few times every

week eat right the whole time of the

process and try not to slip up many

times unless you're like celebrating

after a hard test or something and that

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