The Reef (2010) Movie Review by JWU

alright guys a that was back again and

today we're gonna review the reef the

reef okay the story starts out with five

friends on vacation and I believe

they're going to Indonesia so they take

their little boat out I believe it's a

sailboat it's been a couple of days and

I watch it I haven't had time to post a

review cuz my girlfriend won't leave me

alone but anyway they set out on the

sail to Indonesia on their boat little

didn't know their boat is actually

sinking and then later on it capsizes

leaving them stranded on top of their

boat so three of them decides to swim to

the nearest island that they saw along

the way and um two of them stayed behind

momentarily because one girl it was a

girl and had to stay behind the boat but

then at the last minute the girl decide

to come along with them leaving the guy

on the boat by himself and they'll swim

up there swimming off to this island now

that's for a couple minutes into the

movie the guy in the boat that's was

still on the boat see something in the


okay oh by the way this is a based off a

real live event of a guy in 1986 okay I

don't know if he was in the boat on a

boat or not but all I know is he was the

only survivor so okay so there's a

real-life ocean right they filmed this

[ __ ] directly in the middle of the ocean

alright no joke I looked it up so you

see some of the work he can't make it

out what it is it could be a dolphin it

could be a whale it could be a shark we

don't know

so they fast forward they go up a hit

and the cameras gets back to the other

guys after swimming I'm pretty sure is

close he'll in that water so they got

their little pal body pedal thing he's

on swimming in water when one of the

ladies sees something in the water but

she can't make out what it is so they

only get the guy who had the only guy

and this movie has pair of goggles put

some on and goes under and check it out

see what's up you see nothing okay but

another girl sees some type of image in

the background so he put them back on

and goes back under a little bit and see

what's up and he

he's a figment of a shadow swimming in

the background but he can't make it out

so then he keeps looking at it and I'll

approaches a great white shark real slow

but actual shark so let me get this


they're in the middle of the ocean okay

they're real I'm ocean what a real life

great white shark next to them [ __ ] that

[ __ ]

okay you couldn't pay me a million

dollars for that [ __ ] everything this

movie's real I don't know I don't know

within this part I'm getting I don't

know if the depths of real I'm not well

it's one of the movies you can't tell

because it bucks would you like that but

anyway they end up stranded out here in

this under the ocean with this shark and

you're you leave them wondering my god

damn how they don't get the hell out of

this one and the movie it's just a

nail-biter from the moment to get in

that ocean you know something's gonna be

wrong all right for the moment from the

book the moment you look at that [ __ ]

that [ __ ] poster you gonna be like oh

[ __ ] so yeah you're on the edge of your

seat the entire movie trying to figure

out how [ __ ] they're gonna get through


oh and he actually had the sleep in the

middle of the ocean all night [ __ ] you

okay uh-huh no no no no no no and since

the only guy since there's only one guy

with goggles on everybody else's eyes

kept getting a little burn feeling to it

because the ocean water is saltwater and

it messes up your eyes like that and

they will all turn the red looks like

Danielle but um yeah

this movie is gritty is dark I like it

I'm giving this movie a four out of five

go check it out is on Netflix now it's

called the reef I am chained up I'm out