Bees delay Reds game, Dietrich 'helps' out

Tom it looks like we've had a bug

infestation I'm wondering if it is a big

colony of bees here you see all the bugs

that are flying around the Giants dugout

I don't know why those are bees or not

but I would imagine that there's

something going on here and that's the

reason why they're pulling off the field

right now well Jim Daly is downstairs

Jim Pope just talked with Chad wits in

the home plate umpire and there's bees

that are buzzing around home plate not

only the dugout but particularly around

the home plate area so they pulled

everyone off the field because of trying

to avoid the bees

if you it's I know it's probably hard to

see but I can see him swarming around

home plate right now well there's some

great shots up on the scoreboard right

now of all the bees flying around the

home plate area and especially up near

the backstop the screen behind home

plate I mean they're everywhere I don't

know how well you're able to see that on

television that is looking at the shot

they have on the jumbotron but now I'll

send Chris here up about eye level where

we are hundreds of them got a real good

shot there and even we saw them Tom

right before you know right after the

national anthem there's no problem it's

if they really came in in a really tight

grouping and now they've begun to kind

of disperse a little bit but you can see

them there in our slow motion can

yeah Jim I hope you're okay down there I

mean are they flying right at your level

we can see them up above you a little

bit but are you okay down there yeah no

there's no problem right now on the I'm

standing right beside the dugout there's

none in the dugout whatsoever you know

we see a lot of people now clearing out

the diamond seats right behind home

plate and I'm wondering if they've come

across the the fencing they're you know

behind the screen and bothering those

folks they're heading for some shelter

down underneath

and now all of a sudden Chris they're

making it up too close to our level just

had a few come here in the booth not

many we have no idea how long this might

take to get to play baseball take a look

it back

Jim did you see any of them down there

five minutes before all of a sudden they

pulled the players off the field no not

at all I bet it got to be honestly I

wasn't looking at the home plate area

right but there was no one that didn't

draw anyone's attention while I was down

there doing the open and I don't I've

been down here for 20 minutes or so on

well you were down there and some of the

big grass Caren Fergus yeah and Phil


company we're down there there's always

a group of people that have passes or

are being honored before the game that

line up right behind home plate in the

dirt basically where the bees are

swarming above and there was no

indication from any of those people so

it appears as the bees just knew the

game time

nature is certainly amazing you just

never know what all of a sudden would

have prompted this swarm of bees hey

boys you gotta check out Derek teach her

Kidman and the dugout here I don't know

if you can get oh we just got it thank


yes Derek Dietrich you gotta love that

guy no doubt about I mean to tell you

but wait a minute he wants to show the

umpire who he really is oh you gotta

have a gold chain swatch right even if

you're killing bees you know what the

fans are standing and there's not much

to do so why not entertain the fans