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Today we are going to learn why recycling is so important


what's this little symbol on my cereal box?

That's a recycling symbol

Do you know what is means?

That.. you have to recycle?

well.. yes.

But the 3 arrows stands for 3 words...

The 3 R's :Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle?

Why is recycling so important?

Why can't I just throw it away?

Why can't I just throw it away?


Do you know how much damage that could do to our planet?

But, it's only one little cereal box...

Yes! But do you know how many people are in the world?


Well... last year there were 7.4 Billion people

imagine if everyone threw away all their rubbish

the planet would be AWFUL!

Every year 12.5 million tonnes of paper and car parts are used just in the UK

and it takes 24 trees to make just one tonne of newspaper

try multiplying all those numbers James

well by my calculations

that would that there would be

enough people to fill approximately

103,448 double decker buses


You just calculated that in your head?!

Just reducing... reusing... and recycling some rampart


I thought that you should know that some plastics

can take over 5 hundred (500) years to decompooosse

What does decompose mean?

it means to break down or rot

So, you mean

a piece of plastic can be around for

500 yeeeaarrss?!


and even worse than that,

plastic and rubbish from in the oceans around the world

kill more than 1 million marine mammals

fish and sea creatures every year!

OH NO!!!

poor little creatures!

Yea! and another amazing fact

Did you know the Styrofoam cups that you drink out of, and then throw away?

Yes, like at parties?


Well if you line the polystyrene foam cups made in just 1 day

They would circle the Earth!!!

That many? EVERYDAY?!?

Why don't people use reuuuusssable cups?

Now you're getting the idea!

Reduce, reuse , recycle!

Recycling just one tonne of papers

saves 17 trees

6,000 gallons of water

and produces less air pollution

But how can paper cause air pollution?

If rubbish, including paper is not recycled, it may go to a landfill site.

What's a landfill site?

A landfill site is a place where rubbish is dumped

and then burried

Oh yes... so how does a pile of buried rubbish

cause air pollution? fill rubbish rots

and as it rots,

it can produce a dangerous greenhouse gas

called methane

this can increase global warming!

This is all so interesting!

I never realized

how important it is to recycle

Yes, it is so important

if we want to help the planet and our enviiiroonment

Recycling just one glass bottle

can save 20% air pollution

and 50% less water

than making the bottle from scratch

What? You can recycle glass toooo?

Oh yes!

Recyclable materials include

glass, paper, metal, plastic, fabrics, and electronics

Food and garden waste

can be recycled too

as it is bio-de -gradable

Simply amazing!

I can't believe

that I was just going to throw my rubbish away

Recycling is so important

for us, the planet, animals

and the environment !!!

I'll never see rubbish in the same way again

Rubbish can really be amazing

as long as we all remember to

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Thanks Aaron!

I'm off to do some recycling of my own!

Good Job James!

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