How was the Quran Organized? New Course: Heavenly Order

how is the quran organized it's 114

surahs are not in chronological order

some of the earliest revelations are

found all the way at the end of the book

and some of the last revelations given

to the prophet salallahu I said amar

found all the way in the beginning it's

not in size order clearly and it's

definitely not in subject order as the

subject repeats itself and some things

that have been brought up earlier come

up over again and again and again and

again and maybe sometimes in more detail

than before it's not even about the

organization of surahs it's also what's

happening inside of a single surah large

surah is like baqara or al-e-imran or

Nyssa or Maya

surah is like that you'll find lots of

different subjects all bunched together

in a way that for some casual reader

might be surprising they might not even

see a connection between where this

passage ends and the next one begins and

why is it going from this subject to

another it seems like it belongs in a

different chapter altogether let's take

a step back and think about the author

of the Quran Allah Himself I want to

tell you two things about align the way

Allah does things 1 he created

everything around us with El Meson

he says Asama Arafah AHA wada Amazon

that he elevated the sky above us and

placed a scale

he placed a balance Allah puts balance

in all things that he created like he

did inside of our bodies every organ is

perfectly sized perfectly weighted every

bone perfectly designed to fit into the

next every ligament the same way every

tree and every animal the size of them

the weight of them the proportions of

them the food they're going to eat all

of it is perfectly in harmoniously

designed this is a las creation ha the

help Allah on the one hand there is

balance and harmony what he creates and

on the other hand he says look at

jalapeno in Santa Fe assassinate the

Queen and the ummah sama ll do BMD he

that the skies and the earth have p.m.

in them kawaman them that the human

being was created with Ducklin what is

this word it means purposefulness

uprightness not only are things designed

with harmony and purpose and symmetry

like the veins on a leaf or the

perfection of a crystal or what's going

on inside of a single subatomic particle

but actually all of this serves a

beautiful purpose it has an agenda

there's a reason for which it was made

the way it was

purposeful creative organization that is

the design of Allah and that's the same

Allah that gave us the ability to speak

so how can I believe that the one who

gave us and created all around us the

perfect examples of harmony and

organization did not address harmony and

organization and structure within his

own speech I wanted to take whatever I

found on the subject that I found very

compelling and beautiful and organize it

into a course and presented this is the

first of such courses called heavenly

order I do personally believe the Quran

is in heavenly order and there's a

purpose and benefit in understanding why

is the book organized the way that it is

I'm going to try to take every level of

organization from the ayah to the

passage to the structure of an entire

surah and then also to understand how

the sewers are organized from the first

all the way to the hundred and 14th

through the course of this study I hope

you'll join me for the study and I hope

that it really impacts your reading of

the Quran even if you don't know any

Arabic you have no background and you're

just reading a translation of the Quran

I would think this would be this would

go a great way a long way in helping you

understand the divine logic behind the

organization of Allah's words may Allah

Azza WA JAL make a sincere students of

his book I hope to see you signing up

for this course