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one of the first videos you uploaded

this channel two years ago was called

why is pride still important but the

question is still as relevant as ever

every time Pride Month rolls around or

pride marches held you get the same kind

of responses why do we still need pride

don't we already have a quality when

straight pride standard Bible verses and

why do you have to shove it down my

throat and what were all of these

comments in reaction to a post from

McDonald's about two guys sharing a

milkshake yeah really so let's get to it

let's explain once again why pride is

still important pride is a celebration

of love freedom and acceptance its

purpose is to spread hope protesting

justices and remember the lives of those

who have been lost in the fight towards

equality around the world people

continue to be killed jailed and

attacked for their sexuality in fact

only the last few days reports have

emerged of a lesbian couple who are

attacked in London when they refused to

kiss for a bunch of hooligans gay

relationships continue to be illegal in

72 countries and in eight countries can

result in the death penalty with this

kind of inequality going on around the


pride is a good opportunity to highlight

this and to take time to protest and

reflect on how LGBTQ plus people are

being treated in different countries

that's because despite the progress

that's being made in many countries

including the UK in many places all over

the world it can be incredibly difficult

for LGBTQ plus people and remember

legalization doesn't mean acceptance

data from Stonewall in the UK shows over

the last six years the number of people

who say they've experienced a hate crime

within the last year has gone up by 78%

that means that 21 percent at LGBTQ plus

people have experienced a hate crime

related to their sexual orientation or

gender identity within the last year a

number which increases to 41% when

you're talking about trans people in

fact the government's own reporting

features similarly depressing statistics

with their findings adding that more

than 90% of this abuse goes unreported

with respondents saying they didn't

report it because it happens all the

time the report also finds the LGBT


are less happy with their lives than the

general population with trans

respondents ranking their happiness

especially low and this isn't just the

case in the UK when you look at the

stats from across the world you see the

evening countries which claim to be

accepting the reality isn't quite as

positive as you might hope 40% of people

in the US think that being homosexual is

unnatural and the US has continued to

roll back protections for trans people

with 128 trans people being killed in

the US since 2013 and in France attacks

against lgbtq+ people reached an

all-time high in 2019 any arguments that

pride is unnecessary because we already

have equality are so clearly false pride

is a fantastic opportunity to show

struggling LGBTQ plus people they're not

alone and will continue to fight towards

equality in the last few years I've been

verbally attacked because of my sexual

orientation on a number of times and I'm

clearly lucky not to have had it any

worse there's far worse places to be

than the UK for this and of course there

are loads of LGBTQ plus people who have

it tuns worse than gay white men but

it's still a problem the fact is that I

don't live in a country where it's fully

acceptable to be who you are I hate that

we live in a country where holding hands

with someone you love is a sign of

vulnerability more than it is of comfort

I am genuinely so jealous of my straight

friends who can hold their partner's

hands as a sign of reassurance sometimes

when I hold my boyfriend's hand I feel

like we could be putting ourselves in

danger and I'm clearly not the only one

who thinks this that same government

research I mentioned earlier found that

more than two-thirds of LGBT respondents

said that they avoid holding hands with

a same-sex partner

for fear of the negative reaction

they'll receive from others

pride is a safe space where people

finally feel free to be able to express

who they are pride is about so much more

than companies changing their profile

picture to feature a rainbow flag or

cashing in with some rainbow products

the debate on whether rainbow products

are or aren't sincere support and

whether or not this is actually a good

thing is a completely different debate

one we can have another time if you want

but it's clear that pride has a real

purpose as a protest and celebration

the extends far beyond corporate

sponsorship and drunken parties however

if you are into corporate pride

opportunism we do have some pride march

out you can check it out by clicking the

link in the description and all other

profit from those lines goes to LGBTQ

plus charities anyway on from the

corporate side of pride another common

criticism is that pride shove sexuality

down people's throats and I don't even

know what to say to this one sorry

we know how restrain straight people

normally are with their sexuality for

the rest of the year so yeah don't worry

about gay people doing it just yet so

when someone next to asks you why people

still make a fuss about pride remind

them about the 72 countries where being

gay is illegal and eight where it's

punishable by death point out the word

gay to many people is still synonymous

with bad say that a quarter of homeless

young people at LGBT meaning that LGBT

youth are more than five times more

likely to be kicked out of their homes

point out that nearly half of trans

children in the UK have attempted

suicide and 80% of self-harmed talk to

them about the horrific gay conversion

practices tell them that 45% of LGBTQ

pupils have been bullied at school for

being LGBT in the face of this we cannot

allow ourselves to grow complacent we

have to continue to fight we have to

continue demonstrating our pride oh and

for all the people who are asking we're

straight pride is firstly we don't need

it when straight people are being killed

harassed beaten up marginalized start

losing their jobs and being kicked out

of their homes for who they are then

maybe it's something we ought to start

discussing oh and just FYI there are

already straight pride flags and marches

there isn't even just one straight pride

flag there's six pretty damn ugly

straight pride flags so maybe it's not

the time to start complaining about the

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