What The Pyramid On The Back Of A One Dollar Bill Means


now we're gonna talk a little bit about

the current one dollar bill the one that

we're familiar with that we carry in our

wallets we have this this is the San

Francisco seal which sentences the Fed

and the L is the 12th letter in the

alphabet the San Francisco that is the

12th back in the system there's another

seal on here which is the seal of the

Treasury they're the shield and this

chevron has the original 13 stars for

the 13 colonies these scales represent

justice the key obviously a

long-standing element of the Treasury

seals penetrate the security

associativity with the Department these

fights around the Treasury seal there

are 50 of them representing 1/3 state so

now I'm talk a little bit about that

the most prominent feature is the Great

Seal of the United States and a

committee consisting of Samuel Adams

Thomas Jefferson and then Franklin was

appointed three committees later and six

years later design for the seal was

submitted and approved associated and

just the pyramid alone is interesting

because you have at the base of the

pyramid the Roman numerals for 1776

Kenobi near independence and then you

have 13 layers to this pyramid before it

ends the message here was that this was

an incomplete pyramid and had

the floating hide here is variously

interpreted some people see to work with

Freemasons in it some people just see

this as the Baha'i Providence it's a

debate for the ages anouk sadness and

translates literally to be this paper

our undertakings know this Ordo seclorum

that can be translated to the new order

of the ages now we'll talk a little bit

this side of the Great Seal the shield

has got 13 stripes on it there's 13

arrows there are opportunities there are

the 13 stars floating above the Eagle

once again a reference to the 13

colonies and then e pluribus unum we are

one held in the