Purple Heart Recipients Discuss The Meaning of The Award

like there's so many millions of other

Americans and then women who were

drafted into the service what does the

metal me to be I give a bottle of my

country he looks for country the Purple

Heart means a lot and I feel honored

that served in the US Army early years

the night not it's almost it's like they

were destined for it and so they don't

think they should be recognized but I

think it's a great opportunity

probably everybody who's gonna be in

attendance at the game you know but also

in our country to to take notice of what

kind of sacrifice these men and women

have made whether it's the ultimate

sacrifice or you know be just being

injured in battle it's just it's a huge

honor to be able to be a part of this

game I know there's not very many of

them that get on in the purple hearts

and in the complete sacrifice that some

have made and the ultimate sacrifice

others have made so to be able to do

this and really bring away on not only

military but the specific group of

Purple Heart recipients it's a really

neat event and it's such a pleasure and

honor to be able to help celebrate them

with this game

everybody with me being there like the

country but it's the best country in the

world best country in the world