Why the PlayStation 2 is the Best-Selling Game Console in History

probably the towering event culturally

in gaming with the longest lasting

impact that happened this year the

little love idol thing yeah powering set

it up right you don't have to stand you

don't have to stand you gotta buy the

stand that was a big deal it was the

playstation tuned released in 2000 holy

cow um the best-selling video game

console of all time over 150 million of

them out there active for over 12 years

uh kind of an incredible piece of

machinery and at the beginning there was

nothing to play out there was a lot of

weight on it was it was a DVD Trojan

that was it exactly

please expound just so DVD piece was

just starting to come into the

mainstream to replace VHS

but DVD players were super expensive

like so expensive that they were more

than the PlayStation 2 you know again

younger viewers sorta the same thing it

happened with ps3 with blu-ray except we

ended up with the HD versus blu-ray war

the blu-ray one and then there was

digital anyway but it was the stakes

were way higher higher with ps2 in 2000

where you know Sony had they were going

to they were going to get ps2 into

people's homes because it was the

cheapest DVD player that you could get

and it was going to give you toy story

graphics yeah and those Toy Story

graphics as an emotion engine yeah they

promised a lot but they also you know

not what they probably delivered

allotted in terms of in terms of

software yeah uh in terms of the actual

like visual fidelity

I mean don't run it was still better

than the other things that we had at the

time but it fit well that first year

again I mentioned so there were 29 games

are on launch for this thing but none of

them already know I will fight all of

you on there what do you got okay so

legitimately and not joking

SSX was a great game SSX was okay as I

know you love SSX - white skirt as his

ex is a great was a great snowboarding

I I do like I do like 1080 better and

like some of the other ones I was big in

snowboarding games but SSX was a was a

very approachable very pretty with lots

of nice vistas um you know snowboarding

game but I think we all know that

despite what you have to say the best

launch game in history is on the ps2

launch and that's the that's the puzzle

fireworks simulator ok phantom vision

leaf and you gave us all that to build

up activation anyway once we talk about

why this is awesome first you could play

DVDs on it that was a big deal second it

helped broaden the DVD standard I mean

honestly this thing probably did as much

for DVD sales for a decade as anything

ever did it was affordable it was

powerful and when people did get their

head around it you want to talk about a

library Final Fantasy 10 Shadow the

Colossus Metal Gear Solid 3 god of war

san andreas GTA 3 by City Kingdom Hearts

on and on and on and on I mean this is

is one of the most fertile playgrounds

for software ya ever develop what was

the game was there a killer app for you

guys what was the game that made each of

you guys buy a ps2 well I didn't I got

was a Nintendo Kid sorry okay alright I

got one at launch because I just really

wanted one but though the for the one

that like the one that was just like a

lightning rod for me was the original

devil may cry when he was opened up I

came out I lost my mind I was a long

time holdout but I had to find out what

she had oh was all about when I heard

people talking about it oh yeah for me

it was Grand Theft Auto 3

nobody even brought it over and I it

changed I was just like I was completely

blown away by what Grand Theft Auto 3

did and then I had to have a PlayStation

2 it was a game from the future yeah

there was so I was a Nintendo kid but I

had the benefit of living up in the

suburban lifestyle where my best friend

down the street that a Sega console

growing up cross-pollinate and my other

friends on the street got a ps1 so when

they got the ps2 it was just like oh you

want to come and play perfect okay I'll

come over there and see what you got and

absolutely you got no game so I guess

we'll just watch some some movies I

guess but they did have some great

things that made it really hard to be in

that console fanboy war in the

playgrounds because it was really they

had some really good titles

and it just kept going out of the

process oh my god just like yeah well in

the playstation 2 sort of in a way I

mean it was already in development but

we actually kind of wouldn't have an

Xbox without the PlayStation 2 because

on my show unlocked I had the three Xbox

bosses on there Seamus blackly the

creator Peter Moore who came after him

and Phil Spencer now and Peter Moore

talked about how you know like part of

the whole thing with Xbox was to keep

Sony from taking over the living room

yeah yeah yeah that between this thing

and the Dreamcast which was kind of

their little playground for fooling

around with ideas both of those those

contemporaneous consoles had a lot to do

with Microsoft blasting into that market

and we we oh the modern gaming space

that we have right now was created

largely by them absolutely one last

thing I did want to add on the ps2 is we

guys like you know where the ps1 a lot

of games came out that started pushing

video games into the mainstream in a

very big way and because of that

momentum that they built with that the

ps2 I remember this like when it came

out the ps2 was the first console that

was like a a technological lust object

for people outside of outside of the

gaming space like people were like oh

degeus did you see it did you did you

hear about it did you did you get one

this Christmas and outside that and does

that that upright or you know vertical

or horizontal and that blue LED I think

that sold as many of these as anything

ever did