What is Prime Meridian |14 Interesting facts about prime meridian you may not know

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what is the Prime Meridian

Prime Meridian is the fictional line

from the North Pole to the South Pole

going through Greenwich in England it is

the zero degrees longitudinal line the

starting point for calculating distance

across the planet - both east and west

the Prime Meridian is subjective which

means it can be chosen anywhere any

longitudinal line can act as the prime

or main meridian however an

international consensus has reached that

the Meridian passing through Greenwich

England is called the Maine prime

meridian but not everyone or every

government accepts it as the main

meridian we have discussed about the

history of prime meridian and in another

video how Greenwich Meridian time GMT

came into effect link of the video will

be in the description box any country

could prepare maps charts taking a

longitudinal line passing through their

capital cities or any other cities as

the prime meridian of zero degrees

longitude here are 14 interesting facts

about the main meridian which you may

have not known

number one it divides the world into the

eastern and western hemisphere number

two for earth and moon longitudes are

measured from the main meridian zero

degrees to 180 degrees in the east and

180 degrees in the West number three and

for all other celestial bodies longitude

is measured from 0° to 360° number four

prime meridian covers a distance of

20,000 kilometers from pole to pole

number five coordinated Universal Time

UTC is based on the Prime Meridian

number six it also helped to establish

the International Dateline at 180

degrees longitude is the International


number seven Greenwich Meridian passes

through the United Kingdom France Spain

Mali tango Ghana Algeria faso Burkina in

the northern hemisphere number eight in

southern hemisphere it only passes

through Antarctica number nine prime

meridian on the sun are used to separate

Helia graphic coordinate frameworks

number 10 in 1975 Mercury's Prime

Meridian was identified as being 20

degrees east of the Hun kal crater

number 11 the moon's Prime Meridian sits

right in the center of the moon's face

observable from Earth and passes next to

the Bruce crater number 12 in 1992 the

prime meridian of venus passing through

the central peak of the ariadne crater

was identified number 13 Mars prime

meridian was identified in 1971 which

passes through the Ares 0 crater Center

number 14

Pluto's prime meridian was identified as

the face of the planet which faces

directly to its largest moon Charon

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