Precious Metal Prices 2020 (what is going on?)

market's been dropping over the past

days and prices of silver and gold has


no stiffing like a crashing airplane

one of the main reasons why is because

the markets have been

showing a slower recovery than expected

second waves in europe and new

restriction providing

uncertainty and a fed has been speaking


creating even more economic stimulus

money printing but all those news

are bullish for precious metals right so

what is going on


hello precious people who likes precious


let's talk about what the hell is going


in the silver and gold market today

in short prices

this week fell to a two-month low

silver gold and even platinum is on


this dramatic drop came as response to

uncertainty in the market caused by new

shutdowns in europe and

increasing levels of well you know what

the fed told us the new economic

stimulus might be needed

to keep the economy alive what the fed

is actually talking about

is let's take those money machines and


even more money even more money

to put this into perspective

the balance sheet from the beginning of

time until the

end of 2008 was less than

one billion dollars in

february 2020 the balance sheet went up

to four billion dollars

four times the amount that were ever

created in the history of united states

how crazy is that oh

sorry wait a minute we are not in

february right now we are in september

so what is the balance sheet today

hey wait for it wait for it

seven billion dollars

come on man this is just

i don't know and now they want to create

even more

have you ever seen the movie austin

powers why make trillions when we could



billions so

to summarize this the fed printed

two times more money in the past five

months than

were created totally through the whole


european central banks are bad as well


not quite as bad but still bad we see a

similar trend

all over the world but wait a minute

so with all this money creation and also


discussions around printing even more


silver and gold went down

but why we thought that silver

and gold were safe heavens so what is

going on right now

right i'm going to say something

that not a lot of people say today my

answer is

i don't know

i don't know what is going on in the

precious metal market i don't

but from several years of experience

i do have some thoughts and i have two


about what is going on in the precious

metal market so one

i believe the whole precious metal

market is manipulated by much

much larger institutions why

because silver is mainly controlled by

paper assets

i know this is not a popular opinion you

know i don't really care

because it is the true for every ounce

of silver

there is 250 ounces of

paper silver assets today

as you can see most of the silver

investments in the world

is not backed by real physical

silver in fact

it is a fake scheme think about it most

hackers dislike cash because it says

useless papers without real backing

but most silver assets is the same it's


selling paper silver assets that is not

backed by you know anything

remember when oil prices went down to

negative price this is exactly what


so many people were betting against the

oil price that in the end

the rate for physical oil went negative

this is only possible in a world where

commodities are sold

as an etf or paper asset

think about it there is no real backing

then all paper assets are the same it's

just the use of paper claiming something

it won't even matter if you invest in

gold all sheep

corn you know i don't know i mean

whatever right

so so to wrap this up

one reason why silver and gold prices

went down this paid

despite fear in the economy is maybe


someone wants people to stay away from

precious metals

because it's well you guessed it

it sweetens the con economical system

since the price of precious metal is

highly dependent on paper assets

it also make it very very very easy

to manipulate i mean

any economical institution can throw a

lot of cash on the commodity

to affect the price either to hold it

down or

you know make it go up so do you have

any proof of this

no but i have some data that point in

this direction you see

gold silver and platinum is

three highly different metals

gold is used as a financial metal that

is hauled by

central banks traded between countries

and it tends to go up when the industry

and stock market

goes down silver on the other hand is

mainly used in

industry on well also jewelry

so when the economy goes well silver

tend to get more expensive because the

demand increases

of course some of it is also used for

investments but that's a smaller part

and platina

is like silver on steroids it's also

used in the industry in jewelry

just like silver platinum tend to go up

when the economy is doing well

so this past week when prices of silver

went down

also gold and platina went down so if

you ask yourself

how can three so widely different metals

all go down in around the exactly the

same time

by around the same percentage if the

market is not

manipulated i'm not gonna say anything

think about it yourself for a moment

okay so that's one theory and

the second thought on this it's a quite

logical one but with a twist

silver metal is an industrial metal

i know this is an unpopular opinion

among stackers but

sometimes you have to look at the facts

seventy-five percent of silver

is used in either the industry or

jewelry production

the rest for coins and bars if you think

that silver price ratio between

paper assets is close to 250 to 1

then you also understand that it's not

stackers that drive prices

but you know rather the industry

so if so it makes very much sense that

the price of silver

drops to the news that the economical

situation is worse than we thought

that european market is taking a second

hit it

all that adds up right but

what about what about gold

gold should not go down to this news

the fed is talking about printing more

money and gold go down to

a two-month low again what is going on


so here's my last thought on this all


does not make sense because the price of


are not connected to these physical


of metals that i have

here in front of the table

this is the only way to think about it

if you want the prices to make sense

right now

if silver went to price negative like

oil do you think that bullion dealers

would give away silver coins for free

i don't think so what i think

is that we reach a point where the price

of physical metal

is starting to de-de-attach

itself from the spot price of metals

i think we will see a much larger gap in

the coming years

we might not even need to create a new

physical spot price for physical metals

because it does no longer reflect the

price of them

but hey people this is what premiums

are right this is premiums you might

have noticed that the premiums

have not gone down a lot even though the

price spot

is lower why because it reflects

the real price of

silver and gold this is probably

another unpopular opinion but again i

don't really care

i believe we will see a larger gap

between physical prices

and spot prices because real metal has a


and you know the unicorn paper

assets spot price does not reflect

anything else than a gamble of the crazy

stock market

if you really think that gold will

protect your wealth against a bad


why would you ever invest in paper acid

it's it's not it's not gold and it's


it does not reflect the true value of a


okay people my rent here is done

but i will be back no seriously

this is what i think is going on right

now love it or hate it

if you agree please click the thumbs up


and you know if you disagree with me

feel free to press the

thumbs down button i don't really care

i'm just speaking my opinion here

and in any case

i'm super bullish long term for both


gold and platinum maybe most

bullish for silver long term because

silver has real value in the

industry and and the demand will

skyrocket while the production

is more or less steady right now

so in the future the demand for physical


will go up a lot maybe not the spot


of silver remember but for sure the


metal price so if you want to preserve

your wealth

and buying power in the future then


real gold and silver is a great way

hey this is all from me thank you so

much for watching

love to you all and i'll speak with you

soon oh

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