Why Brazil's President Rousseff faces impeachment calls - BBC News

the beleaguered Brazilian president is

facing an almost perfect economic and

political storm for which a large

proportion of the population here blames

heard directly perhaps the biggest

crisis affecting her is a multi-billion

dollar corruption scandal focused on the

state-controlled oil giant Petrobras

Dilma Rousseff used to be chairman of

the board at Petrobras and although

unlike other senior politicians and

business leaders she has not been

directly implicated in the scandal it

has weakened her Authority and that of a

government and that is why many

Brazilians think she should either

resign or be impeached this is a

critical week for the president's

opponents in Congress as they try to

drum up the necessary two-thirds

majority to begin the impeachment

process but it's important to note

impeachment has nothing to do with the

aforementioned corruption scandal at the

state-controlled oil giant Petrobras

instead it is more focused on

allegations that Germa Rousseff somehow

manipulated government accounts to hide

the growing deficit and that is why the

president and his supporters say that

what is happening in Congress is nothing

more than an attempted coup against the

democratically elected government yes in

the last decade Brazil was the darling

of the developing world its economy

booming and millions brought out of

poverty thanks to innovative welfare

programs the country was awarded the

World Cup and the Olympic Games but

under Jim Ross F's second term in office

rising inflation and recession have

threatened many of those gains it's also

exposed many of brazil's

old divisions that never really went

away between north and south rich and

poor and along racial lines this feels

like a divided country with regular anti

and pro-government protests on the

streets of Rio sample and Brasilia these

are critical days for President Rousseff

and for South America's biggest and most

populous country