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ayman welcome we've seen a little bit of

choppy market action today kind of

drifting lower earlier as there's was

some concern like we heard from our

market guests this morning that the

president might not deliver the goods so

to speak what should we expect to hear

from him at 3:00 p.m. well look I think

you can expect a gusher of news here

starting in about 15 minutes out of

Washington where both the Capitol and

the White House are fully open for

business in terms of getting legislation

done drew Hamill who is one of the

speaker's top aides has been tweeting

out the number of times that Pelosi and

minuchin have spoken today the most

recent one he said they've spoken six

times as of 1250 p.m. and it was shortly

after that sixth phone call between the

two the Nancy Pelosi's office scheduled

this 2:00 p.m. announcement up on

Capitol Hill we don't know what she's

going to be announcing so this is a case

of Deal or No Deal she's going about an

hour before the President of the United

States who will be in the Rose Garden at

3:00 p.m. as you point out not it not

clear entirely what he's going to

announce there either we do expect a

national emergency declaration but we

don't know if he's going to invoke the

invoke the Stafford Act or the full

powers under the Stafford act yesterday

he suggested maybe he would just do some

of the minor pieces of that without

specifying what that is we have been

asking aides here and senior

administration officials all day what

the president's going to do what that

might look like

what powers that's going to unlock no

answers forthcoming from anybody here at

the White House said this is going to be

one of those where we all sort of

learned this in relatively close to real

time Kelly and Stephanie you think the

bigger picture here is that the

president's looking less and less likely

to get reelected yeah I mean the last

time he spoke the Dow in the futures

market lost a thousand points the

confidence in him and what this

administration is doing for the economy

is rather low right now

I think he's got he made a very

interesting decision the White House

clearly made a decision to make the

statement during market hours and so it

has to be more than just declaring a

state of emergency I think they're going

to have to deliver something to try to

get some confidence back in the market

but you know the economy is not the

market and the reason them for the

market sell-off is just complete lack of

hope that there could be an economic

sort of rebound or maintain where we

were even just a couple months ago and

that heading into the election a bad

economy is gonna be really hard for him

to win reelection even the the fact that

speaker Pelosi is going at 2:00 p.m.

before the president's announcement does

that is that the fruit of her calls with

minutiae maybe leading towards some

coordinated action in a good way or does

it suggest there might be some friction

and now she wants to be the first one to

the podium look I'll tell you what in

the old days in Washington if there was

a deal what you might have is the

Speaker of the House waiting for the

President of the United States to

announce it first and then the speaker

would go or follow-up more or less

simultaneously with the release of his

or her own this is an entirely different

era much more factionalized the bitter

partisanship but you know I'd hate to

read too much into it the one thing I

can tell you is that aides right after

we and others reported that we were

expecting the president to make a

national emergency declaration to talk

to one White House official who urged me

in the strongest terms not to report

that because in this officials view we

simply don't know until the president

says what he's going to say so we just

don't know at this point exactly where

the president's going to come down on

this and we don't know what that means

for Nancy Pelosi who put out a factsheet

last night if some of the elements that

were baked into the deal now after those

six phone calls back and forth you can

imagine the deal has shifted quite a bit

during the course of the day today today

and so we're dealing with a moving

target in the dark here Stephanie what

were you gonna say no I just I mean even

that's our such a great point about the

timing and the sequence of events the

clear lack of cohesion between the two I

think that most onlookers right now

we're not seeing leadership by any of

the elected leaders of our country the

Senate is gone right so senators are not

even in Washington anymore the house it

keeps saying they have to leave as soon

as possible and the president the last

time he commented to anyone at the

market didn't like any of it and so you

know people are looking for leaders

we're not we're not even seeing it it

just doesn't you know give me any

confidence that any of them are going to

be here after this November anyone who's

up interesting all right and that's the

backdrop for this big three p.m.

announcement although I'd like it said

- were here we'll hear from Pelosi first

guys thank you both