Introduction To The GuitarPrinciples DVD


hi I'm Jamie andreas welcome to the

of correct practice for guitar I'm going

to be going through the foundation

exercises for my book and showing you in

great detail how to practice them but

first let me caution you that even

though I intend for this presentation to

be extremely helpful to you it's not a

substitute for studying my book your

ability to practice effectively is only

going to be as great as your

understanding of the fundamental

concepts explained in my book the

principles of correct practice for

guitar I'm not going to be explain them

here I'm going to use them and assume

that you're not only familiar with them

but that you've read them off and

thought about them and have begun to use

them in your daily practice and that

you're continuing to study them think

about them and integrate them even more

deeply into your practice as you do the

exercises that I will show you it's

extremely important that you constantly

check yourself in a mirror comparing

your positions to mine so make sure you

have a mirror setup so that you can see

yourself and me at the same time I will

be showing you the essential elements of

how great guitar playing is achieved no

matter what style you play your job is

to pay great attention to everything I

say absorb it meditate on it and use it

every day if you do that you will have

the power to make your guitar playing

dreams come true so let's get started

first I'm going to discuss sitting with

the guitar when you practice