A Power Outage Proof Home! (Connecting to Natural Gas)


holy cow

this is incredible oh my gosh

well did the power go out oh the power

went out

oh my gosh guys i'm afraid to open this


our house is literally being tested

right now

holy cow

oh my god they're so it's

modern homes and properties are far from

power outage proof

no power no water no heat

no lights within minutes or hours your

gorgeous mansion just became an

overpriced shed

where your basic needs can't be met when

we designed our dream home

we planned to be completely off grid so

that we were never dependent on these

systems for our basic needs

we since realized that we can have our

cake and eat it too

we can take advantage of the many

conveniences of modern utilities

while designing our house in a way that

can also operate without these things

a win win today we begin the

installation of natural gas to our house

we have quite the system in the works

which we'll elaborate on later

but first we have to go pick up some


we bought a dump truck earlier this year

which allows us to get our own materials

and save on transportation costs we'll

need five loads of sand for this project

or about 30 yards

roger that we'll come over there


so if the trench is about here

i hate to do it but it's like put the

sand kind of like

right here and then it's kind of within

reach of the

the mini yeah we can still get the truck

out of here

well i guess we'll have to just kind of

drive everything out this side so i

think we'll put it right here as silly

as that is

and that'll get us from there to there

why are you so difficult you're sad

how hard can it be

we got our first load of sand my

sister's off and running she's going to

be picking up five more of those

to get us ready for bedding the natural

gas in sand

the plan is to bring the meter to this

corner of the house

and keep it out of the water line of

water from the eve

to put it right next to the apron right


so we've got to start the trench here

and then we're working our way down here

past the cabin

and then down the driveway you can kind

of see the trench from our

bringing grid power into the house here

we need to stay away from that

comfortable distance

and the time consuming part of this

whole trench is really going to be

right in here and then we've got an

electrical connection we want to make

down there that's going to be time

consuming too

but we've got our footing drain coming

out right here and we also have the

power to

our well coming out right here so right

in here we're gonna have to slow down

and probably do some hand work so we can


safe and keep all that protected

we had locates done at the road where

natural gas will be coming from

and we know where all the utilities are

on our property so we plan to stay a

comfortable distance from those


the reason we needed so many loads of

sand was to bed the gas line and any

other utilities going into the trench

backfilling with rocky soil is no bueno

as it can puncture things

nobody wants a utility line running up

the middle of their driveway

so we decided to put it to the side the

day prior we cut into the hillside a bit

to make room for this

and then we'll do some landscaping to

make things pretty


that's not a bad looking trench for rock

i've seen worse


wow turns out digging in clay is way

easier than digging in rock

50 feet to go


my goodness holy cow that's got a

let me know if you feel it oh i felt

it oh that's the biggest rock so far



did good today excavator you did

really good today


looks like they are here it sounds like

we got the green light they're gonna do

the connection down the street

we did not get finished last night so

we're gonna have to knock out that last

10 to 12 feet

i'm glad we waited because they had some

pretty specific instructions

for the way their barricade goes in if

we'd have dug it the way we wanted to

guess what it wouldn't have worked

so thankfully we didn't do that and we

can get moving on that straight away



well i think we've got that as far as we

can go see where these guys are at

looks like they got the pipe in it's

already bedded generously in sand

uh so while they're working on that

we've got two conduits that we're going

to throw

in this trench we tried to get a hold of

the phone company we don't even have

high speed internet here

so we can't get it even if we wanted to

but what if someday

we get caught up with the rest of the

world and that happens well

they don't seem to answer their phone

it's a bit of an irony right uh so we're

gonna throw a conduit in there in case

they want to pull

whatever they got to do to get us hooked

up to the internet someday in the future

uh and then the other thing is we're

gonna connect a couple outlets down here

and bring power to a couple of spots so

while they're working on that we can get

everything glued up and then we've got a

couple of posts

that we're gonna set so we got plenty to

keep us busy until

they need us going in yeah

coming off


i'll ream a new glue okay

that's good enough too


if a project is undone on our property

there's usually a reason

usually it's that everything's extremely

layered as is also the case with the

natural gas project

trenching is such a big deal that we'd

really rather be done with it

so while on one hand it seems quicker to

worry about one thing at a time

it ultimately results in double or

triple work needless to say this is a

really good excuse

to finally not have extension cords

running all over the property

yeah if we put that post like right here

we can 45 up to that


what's funny is once the planning is

done the work is usually pretty easy


if we 90 about here we can kind of bend

the rest

having power at the sawmill is gonna be



okay i think that's done looks good

okay they said we're good to backfill so

we get this connected and dropped in or

off to the races all bed if you want to

spring me sand um i guess

you can do it the dump truck or the mini

but i mean the back or the mini

backhoe might be easier just not tear

the ground up

oh you dirty dog


sweet they got the stub up on there

looks like with the valve

and they've got this barricade and we

got our conduit

boy that's getting busy over here but it

looks good it's exciting

and i think the meter is going to go

right there

so how does natural gas tie into our

power outage proof plan

our primary heat source will be a wood

boiler power's out

no problem we'll still have a warm house

via our radiant floor heating

as well as domestic hot water but if we

get lazy

want to leave the property in winter for

a period of time or we don't want to

burn because it's summer

we'll have the set it and forget it

option with both natural gas

and electricity as backups

so everything's bedded i think the

bedding that conduit and sand is

probably overkill

most of it's schedule 80. i don't think

it's gonna get hurt but

in this bony rocky soil a little safety

doesn't hurt and

sands five dollars and fifty cents a


that's about twenty five dollars in sand

to avoid having to do like 400

an excavation 300 in excavation so it

was worth it

i think what we're going to do because

we can is set up two machines to


and we're going to see if we can knock

this thing out in

right quick and in a hurry


for us when deciding whether to have an

off-grid or utility tied house

we like to have options and also feel it

increases the value of our home

it's a bit of extra work in the planning

to have redundancy built in

but you're never sad when there's a

utility outage and you have options

or when you're tired of the work that

comes with being off grid and want the

ability to live a little more modern

instead of living in fear that the power

is gonna go out or that we won't have

the energy or ability to keep up with

the wood boiler as life goes on and we


we know that our bases are covered and

that we have a home

that should adapt with us and be

comfortable over our lifetime




well it's finally in it took a few days

with the holiday and all that fun to get

everything buttoned up

but we've got our meter gas lines in

everything is ready to go

we still have a lot of work to do before

we can get the gas turned on

that's going to be a totally separate

video this was a huge project that we

expected to have done

months ago and it feels really good

because now the pressure is on

us to get this up and running i was

super worried

given how crazy this year has been that

if we didn't get the meter in

we may never get the meter in so i'm

glad this is all done

everything's backfilled and buttoned up

we still have a project to do on the


but that's a whole different project and

we're not going to tackle that animal

right now so this feels good i look

forward to getting it connected

and the day that this lock comes off and

the natural gas is flowing