Why Catholics Have a Pope

how many ins father may know it start

again okay here we go

hammer names father Mike Schmitz and

this is Ascension presents so um the

Pope right now like our current Pope I

like the idea of the Pope is a the

reality of the Pope is the thing that a

lot of times people don't understand

whether they're not Catholic and they're

like what the heck what's the Pope I

don't think he's very important or

they're our Catholic and they're like

what the heck what's with the Pope I

don't understand this whole thing

because I'll think a lot of people buy

into the idea that the papacy is the way

you say it the the Pope the idea the

role of the Pope is a thing that like

the church invented false actually was

invented by God himself in the same way

that God invented the universe here's a

long story I'll start way back in the

big one at the beginning but orally

enough in the beginning to give you kind

of a context for how it's very very

clear that Jesus establishes Peter as

the first pope and that he expects not

only Peter but all subsequent subsequent

successors of Peter to be that role of

the the Pope the Pope the Pope role so

it all actually kind of starts in many

ways with the Kingdom of Israel it's go

way way way way back

you have Abraham and has a son Isaac who

has a son Jacob Jacob his name it's

changed by God to Israel okay so Jacob /

Israel has twelve sons and one of them

is digital Joseph with his Amazing

Technicolor Dreamcoat but then you have

the whole rest right and so at one point

after years and years nears these twelve

sons end up having being that the names

of the twelve tribes right so so the the

tribes of Israel so Israel / Jacob who

has his twelve sons those sons become

like tribes so the twelve tribes of

Israel because it based off of twelve

sons of Israel / Jacob right okay so

this family you know this all these

tribes coming together they're made into

a royal Kingdom under one guy his name

is David David brings all twelve tribes

into one royal Kingdom why because David

is the Anointed One right remember

Samuel the Prophet goes to David as

Jesse his father Jesse it says where are

your sons and he shows me all these sons

now not that one not that one not that

one Oh David anoint him

he's the Anointed One he is the Christos

right mashiac is the

is the word right Christ Messiah means

The Anointed One

he's the Anointed One that brings all

twelve tribes into one royal Kingdom

David establishes the kingdom you have

Solomon who was David's son still the

king does pretty good does pretty bad

the next the next son basically kind of

breaks the kingdom because he's not a

very good King and so the kingdom of

twelve tribes splits into ten tribes in

the north and two tribes in the south

and okay that's how it is that's how it

is for a while and then Assyria comes in

from the north and destroys those ten

tribes in the north and that fact

they're lost to history we have no

remnant of them there's no there's there

never read they're gone obliterated

those ten tribes gone the only true

tribes are left are the tribes of Judah

and Benjamin and then you have some leap

you know people descendants of Levites

of course years and years and years pass

and then here comes Jesus okay so okay I

just did a lot of history in a very mana

sort showed him on time but when Jesus

comes on the scene what's important for

us to understand that he didn't just

come to UM heathens come to save us I

mean if you come to save us but not just

to come to save us came to save us

through a particular means yes through

the cross uh-huh but also through the

kingdom by reestablishing the kingdom

why how do I know this well because

think about this every time in Matthew's

Gospel almost I mean gosh in a lot of

the Gospels been in Matthew's Gospel in

particular is very very important

because Jesus his first words in Matthew

chapter is 4 what does he say it says

after he gets baptized by John in the

Jordan he goes out and does some battle

with Satan in the wilderness and he

comes back to the north to the Sea of

Galilee and his first words I'll repent

for the kingdom of heaven is at hand now

we hear that leggo the kingdom of heaven

as they have yeah because that's just

kind of a code word for like I'm here

everyone which shirt fine but no because

Jesus came as the Christ right he's

anointed a Holy Spirit comes upon him

baptized by John in the Jordan holy

spirit was upon him because the

wilderness I was back to the north the

kingdom is here why because the Anointed

One the Messiah the

Christo's is going to reconstitute the

twelve tribes of Israel he's there to

bring them back together he's dead he's

there to establish the kingdom that's

what everyone was waiting for when it

came to the Messiah and where does he

did this is so incredible he begins this

in the north what about the north in the

land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali

the first two tribes of those ten in the

north that got obliterated he starts

right there with his first public

ministry in what's he do in the land of

Zebulun land of Naphtali he starts

calling to people he says okay uh Andrew

and Simon you come follow me and then

James and John you come follow me

and how many people does he come call to

come follow him like that

there's many disciples but there are how

many Apostles twelve of them why because

Jesus is very clearly reconstituting at

the twelve tribes of Israel he's there

to clearly establish a new kingdom so in

the old kingdom there was a king in the

new kingdom there's a king his name is

Jesus and the old kingdom there were the

12 tribes a new kingdom there are the

Twelve Apostles in the Old Kingdom there

was a prime minister and the new kingdom

there is a prime minister if you flip

ahead to Matthew chapter 16 you see what

you see is Jesus do he goes up to

Caesarea Philippi when he gets up to

Caesarea Philippi it's placed about 29

30 miles north of Capernaum which is on

the north of the Sea of Galilee he asked

his disciples he says who do people say

that I am and they say well sums like

Jeremiah one of the prophets Elijah

they're all wrong and he says but who do

you say that I am and Simon stands up

and he says you're the Christ the Son of

the Living God and Jesus looks at Simon

and says flesh and blood has not

revealed this to my heavenly father

revealed this to you therefore I say to

you you are Kepha you are rock and upon

this rock I will build my church and the

gates of the netherworld shall not

prevail against it now there's a whole

thing about going to Caesarea and

Philippi and calling renaming Simon Rock

and saying upon you all build my church

because if you ever go to see some real

Philippi it's pretty amazing there is

this massive rock upon which are built

temples a pagan temples and so Jesus has

even a power point back then he had to

bring them 29 miles north of Capernaum

to have this visual demonstration for

them of here's what

when I say Peter your assignment now you

are rock Peter and upon this rock I'll

build my church in case you might be

mistaken enough to think that I'm saying

hey Peter you're a chip off the old

block false because right behind him is

a massive rock upon which our built

temples upon which our built churches so

it's very very clear to all the Apostles

that Jesus is saying I'll build my

church upon you Peter used to be Simon

some of us would call you Simon Peter

still he goes on to say though it's

phenomenal why's this have to do with

Kingdom he goes on to say he says I will

give you the keys to the kingdom of

heaven remember that word kingdom give

you the keys of the kingdom of heaven

what you bind under should be bound in

heaven when you loose on earth shall be

loosed in heaven

now if we're listening to it like wow

that's really cool that's a lot of power

that's really interesting

neat got the keys like the keys of the


well done hometown boy no no if you were

one of the other disciples one of the

other apostles were listening to Jesus

speak to your buddy used to be named

salmon Simon now his name is Kevin aim

is Peter you'd be like oh my gosh Jesus

who's the Messiah he's the Anointed One

he's the King to re-establish the

Kingdom of Israel he just made Simon

Peter the prime minister what do you

mean because in the Old Kingdom there

was the role of the all haba I got this

from my friend Jeff Cavins who has as

little he's a channel on this on this

little channel - um Jeff Cavins talks

about this the Alpha by which means over

the house the prime minister so the role

of the Alpha bite over the house the

Prime Minister was when the king was

away the AL Hawaii the Prime Minister

had the authority of the king and you

can see this in Isaiah chapter 22 with

this whole story about this guy named

Sheba and he like em if you read Isaiah

chapter 22 shebna was the previous al

Xavier he was a previous prime minister

and he did some not great things and so

the Lord said now I'm taking your role

away from you shebna I'm giving it to a

guy named I like him and here's how he

describes the role of the Alpha bait he

says this on that day I will clothe him

with your robe hurt him with your sash

and give over to him your authority

because this is the thing the world the

Alpha beat is not a figurehead thing

it's not a prime minister who's just

like stands there and doesn't have any

power he has authority that sash is a

sign of authority the robe is a sign of

authority and the word of Thor

a sign of authority goes on to say he

will be a father to the inhabitants of

Jerusalem into the house of Judah and I

love this Jeff gave him points points

this out cave-ins points us out he says

he could be a father to inhabitants of

Jerusalem in the house of Judah what we

call the Pope come the Holy Father in

fact even the word Pope comes from the

Italian Papa and then he says I will

place the key of the house of David on

his shoulder when he opens no one shall

shut when he shuts no one shall open so

here's Jesus at Caesarea Philippi and he

says Peter I'll give you the keys to the

kingdom of heaven what you bound an

Earthbound in heaven what you open on

earth is open in heaven you loose on

earth let's open it loosed in heaven

every one of those disciples were like

oh my gosh Jesus just made Peter the

Alpha bite he just made Peter the prime

minister peter now is in charge when

Jesus will be gone because he gave him

that role why because this is not just

about Jesus coming to save every one of

us yes that is about that he came to

establish a kingdom eqing establish a

church and in that church it has a

structure in that structure there is the

role of the prime minister who has real

authority when he buys on earth is bound

in heaven when he loses on earth is

loosed in heaven it goes on to say I

will on him shall hang all the glory of

his family he'll be a bit like a peg in

a sure spot to be a place of honor for

his family that's the role of the Holy

Father he's a peg in a sure spot you

know there's so much confusion there's

so many different beliefs people have

her like I think of this budges I think

that about Jesus but the role of the

al-hadith the role the prime minister

the role of the Pope that Jesus himself

established is a pagan assure spot it's

what unites all Christians it's what

United all Christians for a long long

time until recently why see recently i

means v 500 years for some 1,000 years

for others but this is not something

that the church made up this is

something that jesus himself established

and did not on a whim in matthew 16 but

as part of his massive program to

re-establish the kingdom of heaven on


because the church is not some invisible

intangible kind of a thing the church

has a structure Jesus is the head he's

the head of the church

and the body is not just this kind of

wispy amorphous nothing it has a

structure as well and part of that

structure is the Apostles meaning

current bishops and the AHA bate

meaning the current Pope and part of the

structure are are the bishops the

successors of the Apostles and the Pope

who is the successor of Peter that first

Prime Minister that first al Hobbit the

great news is missus not actually meant

to be a divisive thing so for all my

friends who are non Catholic Christians

for all my Orthodox friends who are who

were separated this is not meant to be

divisive in fact it's the opposite this

was meant to be by God it meant to be a

sign of our unity the role of the Holy

Father the role of the Alpha by their

all the prime minister was meant to be

that peg in a sure spot that United the

holdout he says upon him the whole glory

of his father will rest the whole glory

of the kingdom would rest the whole

family would be united with this prime

minister by the Pope so the role the

Pope is meant to be a role at the unity

so my invitation is if you've never

thought of this if you're Catholic II

never thought about the fact that the

Pope is meant to be a sign of unity

think about this if you if you're non

Catholic and realized wait second so the

role of the Pope is that was by Jesus

not by some medieval church but

established by Jesus it's meant to be a

sign of unity then what's my

relationship with the Pope is it

possible that God is calling me let's

take another look at what I might have

written off as being just in another

invention you know what I wouldn't think

of another invention of the Catholic

Church or is it possible that God is

inviting me to say wait a second

maybe the Pope is meant to be a sign of

unity for me too I think it's something

worth praying about something worth

considering for almost a distance from

all of us here the center presents my

name's father Mike god bless you