WHO: The Two Polio Vaccines

polio is a disease that causes permanent

paralysis we can't cure it but we can

prevent it

two important tools help to prevent

polio to save effective vaccines one of

these vaccines is given with just two

drops into the mouth of a child this is

called the oral polio vaccine the other

is given with an injection this is

called the inactivated polio virus

vaccine they both teach children's

buddies how to fight off the polio virus

while they do this in different roles

the oral polio vaccine builds protection

in the child's intestine this vaccine

not only protects the child who receives

it but also protects others around the

vaccinated child several doses of the

oral polio vaccine should be given to

every single child in places where prey

leaves a threat the injectable vaccine

builds protection and the block instead

of the gut it helps to boost immunity

and keeps country is free from polio but

it doesn't stop polio spreading between

children so it is not as useful in

places where the virus is still

circulating we need the oral vaccine to

stop the virus wherever it is found

once polio has been stopped everywhere

the inactivated polio virus vaccine will

be used on its own to keep operations

protected both of these vaccines have

been approved as safe and effective by

the World Health Organization to do

their job properly they need to be given

to all children no matter where these

thanks to these vaccines cases of polio

have fallen back over 99%


let's vaccinate every last child let and

pull you forever