Uganda Helicopter Crash: Police in search of Missing guard

police in Kirinyaga County are searching

for a missing private God who assisted

in the recovery of Ugandan military

helicopters which crashed last month

near Mount Kenya forest Duncan wangi

said to have disappeared shortly after

assisting the rescue mission locate the

Uganda war choppers his Katie Ann's a

Shawanoe with that report Duncan mugam

wonky has been missing for more than

three weeks now his case however is no

ordinary missing-persons incident the

mysterious case of the 35 year old

private guard has now raised an alarm in

Kirinyaga County given the circumstances

of his disappearance when one of the

four missing Ugandan army helicopters

was located near Mount Kenya monkey wore

his heroes hat and helped rescue us on

foot rescue stranded soldiers in the

forest monkey we said to be conversant

with the Mount Kenya terrain was called

in to assist Kenya Wildlife Service

officers to come the dense forest by

foot after successfully rescuing eight

Ugandan soldiers monkey is said to have

hitched a ride from the kws vehicle to

communion market the gods movement

cannot be traced after that Mary Nichols

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samantha keyring ago CPD I miss my bear

confirmed that the case has been

reported and that officers are still

investigating the incident the Kenyan

and you can't and governments are also

yet to conclude their probe into how

three attack choppers could have crashed

within moments of each other for now

monkeys family remains hopeful that a

man they describe as a hero will be

found safe and sound a sham will you KTN

live at one