hey Google stop waking anytime before

9:00 is just torture for me but today we

have an important event I'm going to a

ghoul even Google events are always fun


this is brand because you guys don't

know I'm sure it appears on kiddies box

as well is the new phone I don't have a

pixel three two to compare it to I do

have a pixel too and they're both XL as

you can see they're almost basically the

same size and they look basically

identical the pixel two obviously feels

a bit more a bit more premium this just

feels like the same kind of plastic all

throughout the core polycarbonate but

this is definitely cheaper it's so much

cheaper the small one is six five nine

the big one is 779 and the non air is

one two four nine and one two that's a

half the Pricer

the main question about a cheaper phone

is always where does it cut the costs

and for this phone number one you can

realize that there's a lot more space on

the bottom here so the screen even

though it's the same size it's not

exactly it's not exactly bigger so this

screen is definitely nicer to look at

but I looked through the specs and the

real changes really is number one it's

this is not Gorilla Glass this is like a

cheaper screen version so it doesn't

have Gorilla Glass this does so you can

see I hit this right like right dead

center with a rock a really sharp rock

even with the rock hit this has a dent

but it works and if I got the same rock

hit to this this would die this wouldn't

function I'm like 100% sure the other

thing is you can see the speaker's these

two speakers are on the front they have

two I'm pretty sure they're better than

the two tiny speakers on the bottom

picture wise I don't think there's a big


Google is still sticking to the single

one unless if you're using the pixel

three then there is different modes I

think as a different processor so the

processing is definitely a bigger issue

where if you're constantly playing games

or stuff this might be slightly slower

however the battery life on this is

better it's a bigger battery pack by

like 200 I mean it's the most amazing

thing about this economy phone is

definitely that the picture quality is

still very good so we placed it

side-by-side with a pixel three actually

during the long and the quality looks

about similar thing because it uses the

AI that Google photos have so the way

they create images is just better than

most phones out there this is the kind

of phone I would get if I if this phone

is dead like if my main phone died and I

really need a new phone pixel 3a would

be the way to go it's an amazing phone

with an amazing camera all the

functionalities are there the most

exciting part about this phone which

actually cheered when they announced it

was that they actually have a headphone

jack at the top so they have a normal

headphone jack this is huge the best

target audience I would say it's

definitely your parents or my parents

like if my mom wanted a new phone I

would get

three eight amazing camera phone very

easy to use you don't drop your phones

too often anyways so I do appreciate the

amazing event and now I got a

replacement phone in case I do want to

swap over but I might just wait for the

pics of for which I have a feeling is

coming out end of the year so I'm really

curious what happens there all the new

phones are releasing wide-angle camera

lenses and macula and all that kind of


so I hope that's in the new reiteration

of the Google phone I'm gonna try these

guys out and you guys can probably see

the pictures on my Instagram which is

down in the description once again so

yeah with that Kate take it easy crew

see you guys the next one boy boy