Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy (Chapters 1 & 2)

hello everyone so ever since the Netflix

movie about Ted Bundy came out extremely

wicked shockingly evil and vile there

has been renewed interest in this book

The Phantom Prince my life with Ted

Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall and I think

at one point this book was for sale on

Amazon for $500 because it has been out

of print for a really long time and

because of the interest in the story

again the book will be going under or

getting reprinted in 2020 however that

is still several months off so since

I've had a copy for a while

curiosity killed the cat I did not pay

$500 for it that is a little too much

even for me but I really wanted to know

what Liz's side of the story was so I

bought a copy and I thought I would just

do a reading of it not a review just a

reading so for those of you who are

curious about what she has to say what

the book is about you don't want to wait

until the book is released I'm so

impatient like that so I can understand

if nobody has any interest I'll just end

up taking the video down I don't know

how many videos it's gonna take for me

to read all of these but or through this

because it's not a very long book at all

but I am just going to do probably 15

minute increments at a time so I'm going

to dive right in with chapter 1 Monday

March 1st 1976 i sat in a cold courtroom

in Salt Lake City next to ten buddies

it was snowing outside Ted sat at the

defense table with his attorneys waiting

for the judge to return with the verdict

I stared at the back of Ted's head my

mind filled with memories of things we

had gone through together for the past

six years Ted Bundy was on trial for the

attempted kidnapping of a young woman

carol Dhiraj from a suburban shopping

mall near Salt Lake City she identified

Ted as the man who posing as a police

officer had lured her into his

Volkswagen handcuffed her and tried to

crush her head with a crowbar her

attempted abduction had been linked to

the disappearances and murders of

several young women in the Salt Lake

City area and the Salt Lake murders were

linked to the eight murders of young

women in the Seattle area during the

first seven months of 1974 Ted and I met

in Seattle in October 1969 became lovers

and continued an intense relationship

until September 1974 when he moved to

Salt Lake City even now a year and a

half later we were far from finished

with each other since the summer of 1974

I had been tormented by fears that Ted

was involved in the murders in the

Seattle area finally I had gone to the

King County police with my suspicions

they told me they had checked it out and

eliminated him as a suspect but I

continued to worry and in January 1975 I

talked to the police in Salt Lake City

they also told me he was clear now I

knew that I had been terribly mistaken

that my Ted could not be guilty of these

horrible crimes but that I had set in

motion machinery of the law that could

crush out his life judge Stuart Hanson

entered and we all stood there seemed to

be no air in the room

I find the defendant Theodore Robert

Bundy guilty of aggravated kidnapping a

first-degree felony

Ted's attorney asked that he'd be

allowed some time with his family

we entered the judges chamber where Ted

was frisked and his hands cuffed behind

his back I put my arms around him and

told him I was sorry he was drenched

with sweat and stiff with tension I

kissed him on the cheek and whispered I

love you I hated myself for what I

done to him in July 1979

I watched Ted again as another verdict

was read this time the trial was in

Florida and I was seeing it on TV this

time I was sure that Ted was guilty as


guilty of raping and beating to death

two young women as they slept in their

Florida State University sorority house

and of severely beating three others I

knew he was guilty because of what he

had told me in a 2:00 a.m. telephone

call in February just after he was

captured in Florida the Florida

prosecutors have visited me in Seattle

and asked me to testify against Ted I

had at first agreed but the more I

thought about it the more reluctant I

became I still cared about him very much

and I had worked very hard at putting my

life back together I was sure the

defense could make mincemeat of my

testimony and of me I had never been

named in the press and I valued my

anonymity my sex life with Ted would be

a subject of great interest as it had

been to all of the investigating police

officers I was a recovering alcoholic

had not had a drink in three years but

people would only hear the word

alcoholic the prosecutors had told me my

testimony was vital and that they would

protect me from attacks by Ted's lawyers

but I reminded them that in our 2:00

a.m. phone conversation Ted had

specifically refused to talk to me about

the crimes in Florida he was trying to

arrange things so that he could be

returned to a prison in Washington State

and be near his family and friends I

asked the prosecutors why they didn't

bargain with Ted offer him this in

exchange for answers to questions about

the murders of young women in Washington

Oregon Utah and Colorado in a heavy

southern drawl one of them told me mr.

Bundy is bargaining for his life we're

bargaining for his death I couldn't be a

part of it they saw Ted Bundy as a

murderer I knew him as a lover and a

friend I was threatened with extradition

if I wouldn't cooperate but finally the

matter was dropped and I never heard

from the Florida prosecutors again it

took the jury only six hours to come in

with a verdict of guilty I can count on

two fingers the times Ted

and me or was the least bit violent

towards me yet I feel that I have lived

through a violent time I have spent too

much of the last six years thinking

about beatings strangulations rapes the

outrage of the brutal deaths of innocent

people and my own guilt

the untrue things that have been written

about me and my relationship with Ted

are a different kind of outrage this

book is an attempt to rid myself of both

nightmares by facing them down I left

Utah in 1969 24 years old and not

pleased with the way my life was turning

out on the surface I was doing all right

I was in my last year of college at Utah

State getting good grades good enough to

make the Dean's List not bad considering

that I'd been suspended for disciplinary

reasons a few years earlier my

two-year-old daughter Tina was a great

joy to me and since she was the first

grandchild on both sides of her family I

had help and support from all four

grandparents on the other hand my brief

marriage to Tina's father had been a

disaster while I was relieved when our

divorce was final I was now acutely

embarrassed about being a divorcee I

spent a lot of time trying to figure out

what was wrong with me that I couldn't

make my marriage work I'd been given all

the tools anyone needed to lead a

successful life but somehow I have

managed to screw up my dad was a

respected dentist in Ogden 30 miles

north of Salt Lake City my mom had been

a nurse until my oldest brother was born

and then she became a dedicated

stay-at-home mother our family wasn't

active in the church we were considered

Jack Mormons people who were Mormon in

name only but didn't follow all the

church's rules but I still knew that our

ancestors had walked across America so

that we could be Mormons mom and I

prayed together when I was little and I

grew up knowing the power of prayer I

also knew that if you forgot to be

grateful God would get you by the time I

got to high school all I wanted to do

was spend time with my boyfriend then he

had a black mga sports car and when we

weren't out riding around in it we were

washing it waxing it and cleaning the

wire wheels we went skiing every chance

we got the ultimate in teenaged chic as

we tooled around the road

in the shiny black mga with the skis on

the back Ben and I went steady all

through high school we were going to get

married as soon as we graduated and have

a baby and named him Stine after Stein

Eriksen a popular ski racer at the time

my parents had other ideas they told me

I needed a college education I told them

they would be wasting their money

because all I wanted out of life was to

marry then and start having babies they

won and I went off to college I went

through sorority rush and was dropped at

the end of rush week I hadn't really

wanted to be a sorority girl but I was

surprised at how much it hurt I figured

it was my shyness that had done me in

when I was with my friends with Ben I

talked constantly I loved to laugh and

make Ben and my friends laugh but when I

got around strangers I could never think

of anything to say or I would say

something really stupid and relive it

for months

they turned red when I was spoken to and

the more I fought it the redder I would

get I began to party a lot my grades

crashed and at the end of my freshman

year I was suspended I also broke up

with men without being able to tell him

why Ben and I were strongly attracted to

each other physically but we had decided

early in our relationship that we were

not going to go all the way until we got

married in the spring of my freshman

year I went to bed with a man for the

first time not Ben but Jim the man I

eventually married when the marriage

ended I was on my own I had always been

half of a couple first Ben then Jim now

I was alone with a young daughter and

needed to start over Utah didn't seem

like any place for a single parent so I

started thinking about moving Angie my

friend since junior high school had just

had a bad experience as a Vista

volunteer and she was looking for a

fresh start - we considered San

Francisco where my sister lived but

decided it would be too sophisticated

for us at quarter break we went skiing

at Sun Valley met some guys there who

were learning to set up a ski patrol for

a new resort near Seattle and were

easily persuaded that Seattle might be

the place

I even had a cousin living there and I

figured that having some family nearby

would soften the lump in my throat

feeling I was having about leaving my

family and familiar territory I had to

stay around long enough to

collect my degree so Angie went on ahead

by herself I hung on in Utah until fall

when I decided it was Now or Never

chapter two I fell in love with Seattle

at first sight my brother and his wife

had pulled a u-haul trailer with all my

belongings behind their car while Tina

and I followed in my VW Bug we came into

the city early one morning over one of

the long floating bridges across Lake

Washington it had been raining and the

mist was clinging to the tops of the

evergreens everything that wasn't grey

was Green

there were sail boats on the lake kills

all around and the University of

Washington off to the right I could

hardly wait to get going on my new life

Tina and I stayed with Angie and her two

roommates in her Capitol Hill apartment

until I found my own place the city was

a new world to me

there was water everywhere I looked Lake

Washington to the East Puget Sound to

the West Lake Union in the middle and a

canal with locks that connected them all

losing my sense of direction I kept

confusing one body of water with another

the street numbering was worse

there was one street called 40th North

East and another called North East 40th

within a few days I found an apartment I

could afford about 12 blocks from

angie's I hadn't realized that rent

would be a lot higher than in Utah and

that I would have to pay the first and

last month's rent in advance along with

a cleaning deposit the place wasn't much

a one bedroom first floor apartment in a

1950s building that looked like a motel

it was furnished with a turquoise

naugahyde couch and matching chair a fur

mic a coffee table and not much else the

kitchen was the size of a closet and the

refrigerator was the size of a TV set on

one side was a tiny lanai from which I

could look up at the tall building next

door Tina who had just turned 3 would

have to sleep on the couch until we

could afford something better I looked

for a job right away my degree in

business and family life wasn't going to

impress anybody but I thought it could

get me a good secretarial job the

University of Washington was my first

choice I was used to being a student and

I was encouraged when the university

personnel department sent me for an

interview at the medical school as I

walked out of the personnel office 10 or

12 police cars full

men in riot gear roared by trying to

find my way across the campus a few

minutes later I came upon a huge

construction site where a crowd was

milling with picket signs suddenly a

great howl went up from the crowd as

some black men pushed a bulldozer off

the edge of a hundred foot deep pit as

it crashed to the bottom the riot police

moved into the crowd I stood clutching

my map of the campus lost when I finally

arrived for the interview I was nearly

45 minutes late

the man who interviewed me and later

became my boss and my friend told me not

to worry about it that the kind of thing

I had just watched happened on the upper

campus that down here in Health Sciences

things were a lot quieter what I had

seen was one of Seattle's most violent

civil rights protests an angry demand

that more blacks be hired on the

construction project my interview went

well and a few days later I was hired as

a secretary in one of the university's

medical departments within a few weeks

my life in the city was taking shape

not having grandmother's around to take

care of Tina was a problem but I was

able to find a good daycare center in

the university district some mornings

Tina cried when I left her and I didn't

like the way I felt either I thought it

was important for mothers to mother

their children and wondered how I could

do a good job of mothering when I was at

work eight hours a day I called my

parents a lot and I wished I could drop

by for Sunday dinner but all in all I

was pleased that I had started my new

life money as always wasn't worried I

counted my quarters and dimes carefully

one Saturday put my clothes in a

laundromat washer and Tina and I went

across the street to visit with Angie

when I went back to put the clothes in

the dryer I found a parking ticket on my

windshield I leaned against the car and

turned the ticket over to see how much

the fine was twenty dollars I was

sitting at Angie's kitchen table still

crying about the damn ticket when one of

her roommates boyfriends came in what

you need he said is a night out let's

find you a babysitter and go out and get

rowdy it didn't solve my money problem

but it sounded good Angie's place was

headquarters for a bunch of people we

knew from Utah and their boyfriends and

girlfriends by nightfall we had

organized a party to celebrate my

parking ticket

when Angie and I got to the Sandpiper

Tavern in the University District our

friends had started to gather it was

dark inside people were dancing on an

elevated dance floor to a jukebox

stocked with Beatles and Jimi Hendrix

looking as if they had strolled out of

their sorority or fraternity houses

dressed in jeans and sweaters it wasn't

so different from Saturday night back

home after two beers I decided that this

was exactly what I needed after a few

more beers I didn't even feel shy the

last bits of shyness disappeared when a

tall sandy haired man invited me to


I had already sized him up from across

the room he looked a little older and

better dressed than the rest of the

crowd I figured he must be a graduate

student or maybe even an instructor do

you come here often he asked as we

danced no I said this is the first time

I've been out since I moved to Seattle

he asked the inevitable from where and I

thought of saying San Francisco or some

other place that sounded classy but I

admitted to Utah Utah he exclaimed isn't

that in Wyoming we laughed about where

Utah really was somewhere around the

Great Salt Lake and carried on his

strangers and bars do till the music

stopped I danced with everyone who asked

drinking and dancing go together and

every time I came back to the table the

beer tasted better I kept trying to

catch the sandy haired man's eye but he

was usually dancing with somebody else

we smiled at each other across the floor

a couple times but he didn't ask me to

dance again later in the evening a

skinny young man asked me to dance and I

did even though Angie and I had been

joking about his taste and clothes he

turned out to be a creep and looking for

a chance to escape

I saw the sandy haired man singing by

himself looking sad I headed for his

table you look like your best friend

just died I said he looked up surprised

I said you look lower than a snake's

belly in a wagon truck is that how you

folks from Utah talk he said what do you

call yourselves you tawny ins Utah


Utah's I told him in my best hick voice

he laughed and I sat down he asked me if

I was a student I was tempted to say yes

because they didn't like telling people

I was a secretary I told him I worked at

the University but then I found myself

telling him that I made heart valves in

the instrument department I could feel

my face turning red so I started

blabbing about living in Seattle for


weeks about it raining all the time

about the riot I had seen on campus

anything to keep talking he wanted to

know why had moved away from Utah I told

him briefly that I had been married that

I had a daughter and that my marriage

had ended I explained that Utah was very

family-oriented and then I felt out of

place there he asked me why I didn't

consider my daughter and myself a family

I guess I do I said but the rest of Utah

doesn't consider us a family actually I

just moved here myself he said I've been

living in Philadelphia and going to

school at Temple and now I've moved here

to go to law school he had a distinctive

way of speaking not really an Eastern

accent but more like a British one his

name he said was Ted Bundy I knew when I

first looked at him before we had even

danced then he was a cut above the rest

of the crowd his slacks and turtlenecks

certainly weren't from JC Penney and the

way he moved projected confidence he

seemed to be in control of his world

sitting across the table from him I was

surprised too how easy he was to talk to

and how easily we laughed together he

had a smile that made me smile back and

beautiful clear blue eyes that lit up

when he smiled he had thick eyelashes a

strong jawline rich curly hair and a

nice body when he told me he was only 23

I couldn't believe it he said he didn't

realize he had been looking sad he was

just thinking about leaving the couple

at the next table got up to go and

offered us their unfinished pitcher of

beer I said I was never one to let good

beer go flat Ted wanted to know where

I'd been around Seattle you haven't been

to the public market we should go there

sometime you'll love it the chemistry

between us was incredible as I watched

his handsome face while he went on about

places to go and things to see I was

already planning the wedding and naming

the kids he was telling me that he

missed having a kitchen because he loved

to cook perfect my prince the pitcher

was empty in the crowd was moving on I

invited Ted to come for coffee with my

friends and he said sure since he didn't

have a car he would come in mind along

with Angie and a couple of other people

when we stepped outside the rush of

night air made me realize how drunk I

was we couldn't find the cafe we were

headed for and as the glow began to dim

and she and the others decided to go

home when they got out of the car at her

house Ted moved into the driver's seat

and drove me to the babysitter's house

to pick up Tina the babysitter was

wearing nothing but overall

and when she bent over you could see

right down to her navel I was

embarrassed but Ted didn't seem to

notice he scooped up the sleeping Tina

and carried her to the car I drove and

Ted helped Tina in his lap Ted was doing

most of the talking down I was beginning

to feel very sick he was writing a book

on Vietnam explaining how the cultural

differences between Americans and

Vietnamese contributed to the war I was

a little surprised and a little

skeptical but I was most of mostly

concentrating on driving the car and not

throwing up the closest parking space

was two blocks from my apartment

Ted carried Tina in and gently put her

to bed on the couch I don't think I can

drive you home I said why don't you just

stay here I was so sick all I could do

was to take my shoes off and fall into

bed I remember Ted's still dress lying

down next to me then the room turning

wildly I hung one leg over the edge of

the bed and put my foot on the floor to

make it stop spinning then I slept

restlessly I knew Ted was up and walking

around the apartment part of the night

once I opened my eyes and saw him

standing next to my dresser looking at

my bottles of perfume and things I wish

I hadn't left my birth control pills out

but I wasn't awake long enough to

imagine what he must be thinking and

that is the end of chapter 2 let me know

if you want me to continue reading this

book like I said it is not a long one

has short chapters so should be able to

finish it that way you don't have to

either buy the book when it comes out if

you don't want to or wait for the book

to come out in January of 2020 alright

everyone that is it for this weekend I

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