🐦 Saving The Endangered Peregrine Falcon


we've driven an hour and a half and

we're in the middle of I don't know

where but Victor tells me that we've

arrived and the actions about to start

the welcoming committee is a noisy

peregrine falcon the city is a wild

rocky cliff face and the man who's the

target of all the commotion is Victor

Hurley on a quest to save the endangered

Falcon to the angry mum Victor looks

like an S brother her precious babies

are being bundled into a backpack but

it's all in the name of conservation

they're very good parents aperitif

alkanes and they will very reluctantly

abandon a nest site once I've got chicks

in there it's almost impossible to drive

them away she's not impressed with her

underaged children getting leg jewelry

but she will settle down once we return

the chicks with a mess so it's like a

bracelet that slides up and down and can

spin around quite happily

forty five point six five victor is in

charge of the victorian peregrine falcon

group what started as a hobby banding

and monitoring falcons has turned into a

full-time job urban development

pesticides and low reproductive rates

all mean an uncertain future for this

proud and powerful bird so one of the

interesting things with this species

like all birds of prey the females are

bigger than males so if that's a male

chicken my right hand there and look at

the header line you can sort of see a

big size difference the peregrine falcon

is the fastest bird in the world

reaching diving speeds well over 330

kilometres per hour so it's important to

keep a lookout for mum it obviously gets

a little more difficult when you've got

a pair of Peregrine's coming in to tell

you to get away from the net it's more

than just dealing with your fear of

heights yes I'm a potential predator in

their mind and even though I put the

ticks back they still view me as a

potential threat


how'd you get up there with it with a

bit of help from our slingshot we fire a

rope over the line and then it's one

hand over the other the climb up is very

hard work but for Victor the great

effort provides great rewards the

Victorian Peregrine project has expanded

its scope to study more Raptors

including the Wedgetail eagle one of the

largest Eagles in the world boys use

bare hands when handling these sorts of

animals so you do less damage to them so

there's no issue with that you're a

human scent on them on the baby none at


the parents have invested a lot of time

in building that nest sitting on the

eggs for maybe 60 days and they're not

rearing this for maybe ten weeks in the

nest we've got a kilo we've got nine

twenty we've got nine it takes just a

few minutes to assess the bird through a

series of measurements so we're taking

head and bill which also helps confirm

not only the sex of the bird you know

females have bigger heads but also the

relative size to other females whether

this is a big female or a small one the

feet are the only thing that I'm at all

worried about these very incredible

talents they are indeed it's the last

mini rabbit seized in this area and

begin safely placing bands on the birds

is Victor's number one priority these

are color coded so that we can hopefully

see them through a telescope later in

life this big band the green band is one

that we're developing because it's

believed that these Eagles can actually

take these off before they even leave

the nest

that is another satisfying day on the

job for Victor knowing that his work is

helping the peregrine falcon and the

Wedgetail eagle to grow bigger and

stronger and safely back in the nest I

reckon she might even be smiling


hi I'm dr. Danny ducek from bond I bet

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