Best of the Pere Lachaise

hi guys I'm Oliver gee this is Joe start

hi guys how you doing good

we're in an awards ceremony today we're

about to be showing you the best of the

pair of shoes you ready let's go

and the award for the most kissed goes

to Oscar Wilde so why are people rubbing

this journalists crotch apparently good

luck to do so in order to become

pregnant that's some bold Victor

the woman who died the most time as she

was an actress who played on stage

played these melodramatic roles where

she was always always almost dying and

then she died oh you found it here's

money floral board for the hardest grave

define goes to the tomb of the Dragon

down below there's a spot for 60 people

there are nine spots still remaining so

your chance is still available

this peekaboo George Rowton back Joe

what is it well it's the spookiest grave

this gets the award to the most

heartless grave why is that because

Frederic Chopin had his heart removed

and transported to Warsaw my Warsaw and

the award for the longest-running act

goes to Marcel Marceau who's been

trapped in the books for a long time and

the award for the best death goes to

this man he'll explore president France

who's being serviced by a secretary a

little bit too well and died on the spot

and a surprise award for the best

dressed impeller shows who knows what

you'll find in the palaces