Paris agreement simplified

the world we know now was not like this

around 200 years back everything used to

go according to the law of nature

monsoons summer winter

we're in coordination with each other

and the cycle of weather was almost same

for millions of years but what went


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in 1800 Industrial Revolution took place

lot of factories lot of production

demand an innovation of new things

increased and to generate energy they

had to burn fuel and natural resources

and this process resulted a massive co2

emission it has been said that

Industrial Revolution is between 1780 to

1840 but current co2 emission proves it

never stopped in just two hundred years

many of the natural laws were

malfunctioned the system which running

fluently for millions of years got into

trouble in just two hundred years today

we face each season at its extremity let

it be monsoon winter or summer an

uncontrolled behavior of weather

creating many problems in our day-to-day

life floods earthquakes and super hot

summers due to such impact thousands of

lives have already taken away in

recognition of this 179 countries and

European Union spent two weeks in Paris

last December hammering out the final

wording of an agreement to keep global

temperature increase well below two

degrees Celsius and if possible below

1.5 degrees yes there is a chain in

temperature can only be achieved through

a significant reduction in the emission

of greenhouse gases this meeting was one

of the largest gathering of the world

leaders ever seen but 2 degree Celsius

what do they mean by keeping below 2

degree Celsius

let's see this temperature represents

the average temperature of entire earth

but 2 degree Celsius sounds not much

right but let's get into a history since

we start collecting this temperature

data on earth we see in 1890 the

temperature was minus 0.3 7 degree

Celsius in 1940 it reached to minus

point 0 3 degree Celsius in next 40

years it got two point twenty seven

degree Celsius in 2008 was point forty

two degree Celsius and now in 2016 it is

0.99 degree Celsius

16 of the 17 warmest years in the last

one 36 year record all have occurred

since 2001 the year 2016 ranks at the

warmest year on record so right now we

are at almost 1 degree Celsius and which

is the warmest till now and parish

agreement is trying to keep it below 2

degree Celsius or possibly below 1.5

degree Celsius compared to today 1

degree Celsius and its impact 2 degree

Celsius will be disasterous

but then why targeting that number even

if each country decides to give a lot of

efforts we will somehow will be able to

stop it below 2 degree Celsius but

without any kite lines and efforts it

can go anywhere and the effects of it

will be even much more worst and that's

why they have decided to put a practical

number of 2 degrees Celsius and to

achieve this target everyone who

attended Paris agreement meeting made

emission cutting pledges the US for

example pledged to cut the u.s. climate

pollution by 26 to 28 percent from 2005


China's target is to lower the carbon

intensity of GDP by 60 percent to 65

percent by 2030 compared to what they

had in 2005 the European Union plans to

cut emission by 40 percent by 2030

compared to what they had in 1990 when

we talk about co2 emission we should

know the top countries which are

contributing to this situation the most

the number 1 co2 emitting country is

China which image 30% of total emission

then comes United States with 15 percent

after that comes European Union with 10

percent emission followed by India and

Russia with emission of 7 percent and 5

percent respectively these top 5

countries emits almost 70% of total co2

emissions of the world and the rest of

the world image 30 percent

so how this element works each party has

to go back to their domestic governments

in order to gain domestic approval or in

some cases have it passed by domestic

law China for instance voted to add out

the proposal of the Paris agreement at

the closing meeting of the National

People's Congress Standing Committee the

u.s. used a presidential executive

agreement once their domestic laws cue

approval then the parties will submit

acceptance to the UN to prove that they

are ready to join the countries should

be reported every five years and are to

be registered by the UN Secretariat the

countries have no binding as a matter of

international law there will be no

mechanism to force a country to set a

target by a specific date and no

enforcement if a set target is not met

then how these countries perform well

suppose one country doesn't perform and

doesn't meet the target there is no law

to force on these countries but the

amount of guilt and shame they have to

face simply because the low performing

party who is directly affecting a

climate change and global warming is

much more as well it will be

disrespectful to all other team mates

who is putting efforts on the other hand

the country which performs good will get

appreciation and admiration in the

entire world and this will no doubt work

better than any law at the Paris

conference in 2017 also decided that the

developed countries will give 100

billion dollar a year as a climate

finance till 2025 this funds of one

hundred billion a year will be given as

a aid to developing countries for action

on a climate change direction and


but you may say why the developer

countries how to pay to developing

countries just because they have lot of


no on the foundation of each developed

country is Industrial Revolution the

amount of money and power they have is

because of the Industrial Revolution

which is directly cause climate change

and developing countries were not

industrialized back then and even now

they are dependent on developed

countries for industrial needs so all

together develop the countries are

somehow responsible for such a massive

climate change and it's their duty to

pay those countries who is facing

climate disasters but this finances

specifically will be used to fight

against climate change this funds will

be given to parties most vulnerable to

the effects of climate change includes

least developed countries and small

island developing states that's it about

Paris agreement please check our other

video on deforestation and its effects

on a global warming which is mentioned

in the description below we all can pray

that this initiative of all countries

will work beyond expectations because

some or other day this climate warming

is going to affect each and every

individual on this planet hope you like

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